The De Couto Diaries a tale told by Shani

The first to leave the nest with no hair on his chest, was arguably the best, even if he is sometimes grotesque.

He set off on his journey of adventure and discovery. He saw great things that he wrote in his diary. His brother and sister admired his courage. They looked up to him and listened to what came out of his gullet, even when he had hair cuts worse than a mullet.

The next one to fly did not see birds from a high, nevertheless, he was no ordinary guy.

To a land much like home he dug in his feet, to see the world from an angle of a lot of cheat. Fortunately for him, his Mother was their to lift him into the air. Setting his path into a dream of what he has always cared. Skateboarding filled him with happiness and no despair.

The third wasn’t the most tanned of the bunch, but she had more colours than a rainbow and for that her brothers hunched.

Confident and witty, for that people knew. Kind and pretty, much more than the other two.

Often drove the Mother sit on her bum, but who wants a boring child who sits there and twiddles their thumb?

These wonderful kids would be lost in the mist, if it weren’t for their beautiful Mother who gifted them what they have in their mitts.

The two people in this world whom which they all care so dear.

Henginstbury head walk here is where you can see so clear. My favourite walk in the world and it’s so so near. Which means I do not have to sit in that car, for quite so far.

Here you see my favourite spot to sit down a lot.

Here's my friend Bobby who likes to trott

Here’s a bench we sit on when we get too hot.

Grandma is always there for me, when Mum and Dad are away from me.

And don’t forget Merlin, who likes to cuddle and also cares for me.

So, this is the tale of the lovely bunch, of the people that are the world to me and provide all of my munch.

Although they are all too far away for a walk down then park. I know that they always love me and one another, even when it is dark.

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