Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief Made By jessica fuentes


A young boy of 12 years old finds out he is the son of a Greek God, Poseidon. Realizing this, he is in a world of danger. He faces monsters, bullies, demon-teachers, and a God. After losing his mother to a beast, Percy Jackdon is determined to bring her back. No matter what it takes. He takes the journey with his loyal friends; Grover the saytr, and Annabeth, the daughter of Athena. The quest gets even more dangerous when the mosters know he's hloding the Stolen Lightning Bolt, Zeus' greatest weapon ever created. They go on a long journey, that involves a bus blowing up, three old ladies, a monster, a battle with the God of War, and a pink poodle. Sacrifices are made. The risk of losing someone is very high. They go to a casino, the beach, museums, even the Underworld. Can he save his mother and Olympus without creating the biggest war of all time?

Left to Right: Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood Bottom: Percy Jackson

Annabeth Chase

Daughter of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy. She is known for her cleverness and always knows what to do in battle.

Grover Underwood

He is the satyr who found many demigods, Thalia Grace, Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, and Percy Jackson. He is known for finding the long lost God of the wild, Pan.

Percy Jackson

Son of Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea and Lord of Horses. He is known for being a hero to many demigods. He is also looked up as a leader. He and his friends have been through some crazy adventures. Almost all of them costing their lives. He is known for saving Mount Olympus and the world from war and total destruction.

Personal Review

I first read the book when i was in the 8th grade. I began reading it in the Spring, and got obsessed with it during the Summer. The books always gave me a positive message: There is a hero in everyone. I related to Percy Jackson, one of the main characters, we were both struggling in school and it was always hard to make friends and fit in the school society. What i love most about the book is how hilarious it is. Rick Riordan, author of Percy Jackson and The Olympians, always put in humor in the most inappropriate places. Which made it so much better. The down side it got me so emotionally attached, i actually felt what the character was feeling throughout the series. I've never experienced that in a book. I liked it. This book can cheer you up whenever you're done and make you laugh. It's an emotion rollercoaster. Watch the characters grow and thrive throughout the book. How they work together and make the impossible happen. I recomend this book to adolescents, since they book does have some non-direct language and dirty humor, and they can also have a connection to these characters.


The Lightning Thief

"Perfectly paced, with electrifying moments chasing each other like heartbeats." -The New York Times Book Review

Sea of Monsters

"In a feat worthy of his heroic subjects, Riordan crafts a sequel stronger than his compelling debut."- Publishers Weekly (starred Review)

The Titan's Curse

"All in all, a winner of Olympic proportions."-School Library Journal (starred review)

The Battle of the Labyrinth

"This volume can stand alone, but no reader will be able to read just one. Look no further for the next Harry Potter; meet Percy Jackson, as legions of fans already have"- Kirkuk Review (starred review)

The Last Olympian

"This novel's winning combination of high-voltage adventure and crackling wit is balanced with scenes in which human needs, fears, and ethical choices take center stage"- Booklist (starred review)

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