Like a frozen lake in spring,as it begins to thaw, Mariam and Laila's relationship, starts out cold, but melts and becomes warm.

At the beginning of part three Mariam and Laila's relationship was cold and nonverbal. Rasheed had compared Laila to Mariam and told Mariam that she is nothing but a servant to Laila, this angered Mariam very much. Mariam thinks, "it ought to have felt exhilarating, but the girls eyes had teared up and her face was drooping, and what satisfaction Mairam found from this outburst felt meager, somehow illicit" (Hosseini 226). This quote proves that Mariam and Laila have a bad relationship because, Mariam found satisfaction in hurting Laila even though Laila did not expect Mariam to do things for her. They avoided each other when they could and did not talk when they came in contact. In conclusion, Laila and Mariam's realtionsip had a very rough beginning.

One day when Mariam was in the kitchen doing her work. she couldn't find her spoon and started yelling at Laila when she came into the kitchen. First they start yelling over the spoon but quickly it turns into more than that. Hosseini writes, "'you're a sad, miserable women,' Laila said. Mariam flinched, then recovered, pursed her lips. 'And you're a whore. A whore and a dozd. A thieving whore, that's what you are!'" (233). This quote shows, that they are not close and their relationship is frozen. Mariam is mad at Laila for agreeing to marry Rasheed, she feels as if Laila is taking him from her. Laila on the other hand doesn't understand why Mariam is acting this way and is angry at Mariam for it. To summarize, Mariam and Laila do not understand each other and are angry at the way each other are acting.

One night after Laila comes back from the hospital with her daughter, Rasheed gets very angry about her defying him. He blames all of Laila's actions and defiance on Mariam saying that shes teaching it to Laila. The author writes, "the girls feet touched the ground and still she wouldn't let go, as if she didn't trust him." (Hosseini 241). This quote conveys the message that Mariam and Laila are breaking the ice and slowly becoming friends. Laila did not have to stand up for Mariam, she could have stood by and watch Mariam get beat for her actions, but instead she wouldn't let go of Rasheed's arm until she was sure that her wouldn't hurt Mariam and longer. Mariam was stunned by Lalia's actions because no one had ever stood up for her before. In the end they were now friendly towards each other. To end, slowly Mairam and Laila are breaking the ice and becoming friends.

One night when Mariam is cleaning up in the kitchen, Laila comes down and asks her if she wants to have tea on the the patio. At first Mariam is apprehesible about talking with Laila but eventually she gives in. Laila thinks to herself, "and in this fleeting, wordless exchange with Mariam, Laila knew that they were not enemies any longer." (Hosseini 250). This quote demonstrates that Laila and Mariam now have a friendly agreement between them. After sitting down and taking they both realize that they aren't as different as they thought. They now know that their differences and conflicts aren't as big of a deal as the first thought. Following their talk they do their chores together, because they enjoy each other company. To conclude, Mariam and Laila now consider each other friends.

Towards the end of part three Laila find out that Tariq is still alive. When she sees Tariq she invites him inside to talk and catch up. Later that night at dinner Zalmai tells Rasheed that Laila was talking to Tariq, and that she was showing her face. Rasheed got very angry and started beating his wives with the intent to kill. The author writes, "he's going to kill her, she thought. He really means to. And Mariam could not, would not, allow that to happen... She would not watch him take Laila too." (Hosseini 348). This quote proves that Laila and Mariam are truely family, Mariam values Laila and her life over Rasheed. She knows that there will be consequences with her actions but she also knows that she cannot stand by and watch Laila be killed. She wants Laila to go on and live a happy life with Tariq and her children far from Afganistan. She knows that she cannot go with Laila but she doesn't care as long as she is safe. In summary, Mariam knows what will happen if she kills Rasheed, but she decided that the consequnces of her actions outweigh the happiness that Laila will have with Tarqi and her children.


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