Newsletter, February 16th, 2020

On the Cover: Thanks to Mike N, we have a new burning iron to "sign" our wood handiwork. We also have a new matching brand look on our business cards. Be sure to pick some up at The Shed, and keep them in your wallet to give to guys you meet.


Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

Eleven MSV guys and several spouses turned out to a valuable two hour CMHA presentation. Caring for a loved one can be challenging. The Caregiver needs to be looked after as well. Jenn Millan from CMHA is a FREE community resource, who can assist you in putting together a Caregiver Plan that attends to all involved.

Some more new guys stopped by to visit: Murray V, Ernie P, and Hans V all stopped by to check out Men's Shed. Nice to see you, guys! We hope you feel at home here.

Quinn introduced his fellow VCS students Zach, Dillon, and Will to Men's Shed. Well done, Quinn!

facebook group : Twenty Seven MSV guys are now signed up to interact and support one another. Click the link below, and then "Join". Roy U will do the rest. THANKS, Roy!

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

Hans, Will & Dillon settled right in, and assembled our newest "Drool Tool". More on that in the next issue...

De plane, Boss. Where is De Plane? No need to ask, now...Ron L made us a wall bracket with all the planes aboard.

Now they'll all be in plane (plain) view, & ready for takeoff any time your inclined.

I did!

There's something therapeutic about making a pile of wood shavings. It's almost as relaxing as a tropical island getaway with your wife...only different. Hmm...can't believe I said that.

A new (to us) scroll saw..

Ron also donated a scroll saw to Men's Shed Vernon. Here, he is making some modifications to convert the tool for detail sanding work. Thanks, Ron!

We got some new chairs!

We scored this stack of 25 new chairs on a rolling base.

Many thanks to the Community Foundation North Okanagan for the grant that made the purchase possible.

Thanks, too, to our own Lyle E and Dodds Auctions for getting us a sweet deal.

A Design Tool for The CNC machine

The good folks at KWL Engineering are upgrading their laptop fleet, and generously donated a nice, late model Dell laptop to Men's Shed Vernon. We will load our own version of Vectric VCarve design software on it to design products for shop production. Thanks Mike Nolan, and the KWL team!

Another personal project underway...

Ray V is focused on the first cuts of a set of rowing oars for his First Mate skiff. It's also his first time trying out our new band saw. Nice tool! He's laminated a center section of 30 year old oak donated by "Uncle Allan". Does that make them "heir looms"?

Another Men's Shed Project serving a local Not For Profit organization...

The Vernon Yacht Club recently replaced interior carpeting that left large gaps between the wall finishing and the stair treads. Who ya going to call?

Our own John H and Mike N are members of both VYC and MSV. John painstakingly measured and recorded each stair tread gap

...and cut new fill pieces from a master template that he designed. Each one was then trimmed to the measured dimensions.

Once finished, they were fitted by John and Mike.

Lots of affirming comments at VYC tell us what we already knew. We've got talent at MSV. Great Job, guys!

VYC will be covering our costs, and making a donation to MSV.

Helping out The Schubert Centre fund raiser for new HVAC equipment

We had a short notice opportunity to raid our inventory to support an emergency fund raiser. Thanks to Marty, Gerry, Mel, and the guys for responding so well.

Catalina 27 Sailboat Renewal Project

John H has been guiding us through several projects lined up to move the sailboat to the lake by Spring. This week we tackled: New manual bilge pump, electric bilge pump switch, sink drain, new head (porta-potti), rebuilt cooler grating. Come and lend a hand, guys.

A Seven String Punk Rock Machine

Men's Shed guy Quinn gets some first hand experience on a router, as he puts a nice edge on the Les Paul body style of his new guitar. Roy U and Bruce K are hovering near by, and cheering Quinn on towards his first gig with his new axe.

Minds - Staying Involved

Important MSV Dates and activities:

March 11: CMHA Presentation. "Overview of Major Mental Illnesses". Vernon Public Library.

We are working on some new TOP SECRET products to sell. We're also looking forward to meeting more guys.

Minding Men's Shed Business

Behind all the wood shavings, whirring machinery, and coffee chatter, some guys are planning, measuring, recording, applying for grants, and working hard to fulfill the Mission and Vision for the Shed. Thanks guys!

Speaking of "Shed Business"...

Men's Shed Annual General Meeting. Wednesday, March 25th, 7PM @ CMHA Meeting Room. All guys and guests are welcome. Coffee & dessert to follow the short as possible business meeting..

You need to be a member to Vote,

..so, don't forget to pay your ridiculously reasonable membership dues for 2020. It's only $20/year. See us at the Shed.

When Life's Realities Don't Match Expectations...

Here's a great booklet published by the Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Getting a handle on stress can extend your life AND make it more enjoyable.

I've been using slow, deep diaphragm breathing as a coping mechanism in stressful moments for many years with success.

Pick up your print copy of this valuable resource at Men's Shed, CMHA Vernon, or, download it here:

Don't forget to make someone laugh!

Tips on Beating Winter's Gloom:

The guys over at "Don't Change Much" have some tips on staying positive when the Vernon Inversion lasts a bit too long.
One of the BEST ways to stay UP, naturally, is to come out to Men's Shed Vernon. My friend Steve is making some cedar soap dishes to support his wife Debra's new organic soap business. That will brighten her day!
Opening Men's Shed, and running the Shed Shuttle four days a week is a lot of work for a few guys, but an easy load with a bit of extra help. Sign up for a day or two for this spring if you can. It's YOUR Shed. Without volunteers to Open, Shuttle, Close, we will not be able to open.
...please take a moment to visit the CMHA Vernon web site and DONATE any cheerful amount to help us grow. Be sure to designate your gift to "Men's Shed Program." Oh...and by the way - THANK YOU!
Don't forget To Car Pool. We park on Fulton Road, just up from the High School next to the sports field. There is NO parking at Elephant Storage. Our SHED SHUTTLE will pick you up, and return you to your car anytime you like! Just text or call...

Save the Shed Shuttle number...

Save our SHED SHUTTLE phone # on your cell NOW: 250-309-9749
Drop me a note if you would like to add a friend, (or delete) a name to our newsletter mailing list. We won't share it. rverlage@gmail.com
One thing that we WILL share is some quality time, some stories, and some projects when we meet. Don't forget to tell other guys about what's happening at "The Shed"..

We're Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays from 9AM - 1PM @ Elephant Storage - 6136 Okanagan Ave. Come and check us out!

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