Xenophobia THE rapid increase of xenophobia around the world


Refugee- Someone who left their country for some reason

Racism- Discrimination to another race

Discrimination- Unfair treatment to another group of people

Hate Crime- Crime motivated by sort of prejudice

Why is the refugee crisis causing xenophobia?

Because there are so many refugees coming from different countries that have problems it’s causing the civilians of the hosting countries to fear that they might bring their problems with or cause problems for them. But really it is only a small amount of people that are causing the whole nation to fear these refugees. “Refugees… don’t bring us danger to us, they flee from a dangerous places. Those who do the opposite, who stir up public opinion in creating a climate of xenophobia that is very worrying in today’s Europe,” Filippo Grandi a UN High commissioner for refugees told European leaders. The people of these countries are afraid of what might happen with all of these refugees coming into their countries. Throughout the refugee crisis there are thousands upon thousands of people who flee their country due to some kind of conflict. Some of these conflicts could be do to civil war within one’s country. In fact because of the Syrian Civil war there are 4.8 million Syrian refugees in five countries, according to Amnesty International. Now since there are a bunch of different refugees fleeing their countries to safer countries it may cause problems for those countries, but the government of those countries are putting in the actions to keep everyone safe and protected.

How are different governments dealing with xenophobia?

Government actions towards xenophobia have been the same throughout the world as they make and enforce laws and rules to ensure the safety to the country and to the people. There are countries that are making laws and enforcing those laws to stop any kind of violence towards others. Places such as South Africa are putting these kind of situations on top of their priorities and are dealing with these attackers. Rofhiwa Maneta from LiveSA reported that Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa answered to the National Council of Provinces saying that they are putting this issue on top of their list and that their security service will watch certain areas likely to be targeted with this violence, also saying that the attackers will face the full force of the law. Because of how big of an issue xenophobia is in South Africa they are putting it on top of their priorities and are making sure they are going to the source of this problem and stopping it from there. This is one way many governments are approaching this problem around the world. Governments will be continuing to stop these xenophobic attacks, but these hate crimes keep on increasing as years go by. According to a statistic from FBI.gov in 2015 hate crimes towards people of a different ethnicity or race was 59.2% in America. Because it is a high percentage for motivation for hate crimes the US has put this issue on their radar. The US are making certain travel bans so certain types of people can’t come into America. The US is trying to solve future problems by not letting certain groups into prevent any issues they might cause. South Africa is trying to stop any kind of xenophobic violence by stopping it at its source whereas the US is trying to prevent any kind of future problem. Over time governments will develop more and better ways to ensure the safety of their country and the people.

What is the difference between xenophobia and racism?

Xenophobia and racism may seem the same and may look the same out in the world, but it really isn’t. By definition the two are completely different but some may think they are the same thing or that one leads to the other. Xenophobia by definition means “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers”. This could mean you fear immigrants or literally anyone that is different from your culture. While racism by definition means “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine culture or individual achievements, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others”. Both are completely different but in ways seem similar. Actions towards these groups of people are usually the same and it’s with violence such as hate crimes. According to hatecrime.osce.org in 2015, 6855 hate crimes were reported by police and out of that 6885 hate crimes 4299 of those were do to racism and xenophobia. That means that around 62% of hate crimes in America was because of racism and xenophobia. The motivation for these hate crimes were because of racism and xenophobia and even though by meaning these two are completely different they still lead to a violent out coming.


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