A Visual Book Review "women in fashion" by: Rebecca Rissman

Over the years , women were careful of what they wear. You did not have a say so in what you wear. No way to express yourself as a person. How would you feel if you could not wear whatever you wanted?

Women had to dress very feminine like. In corsets, and very fitted dresses that shows the Women's figure. The style of dress women wore was not comfortable what so ever. But it is like did they have a choice? During this time the U.S. changed. A lot of disasters struck the country. And many did not have money due to the Great Depression.

Few were able to afford nice clothes and jewelry. Those poor didn't . So, many Americans were no longer interested in Fashion and Beauty.

Women throughout the years made a difference in fashion, and continue to change til this day. Many groundbreaking designers such as Coco Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, and many more.

Jean Harlow shocked the world with her scandalous styles and looks. She brought style to a whole new level. By bringing fitted- silk dresses and short platinum blonde bob. Glamorous style.

Fashion designers have created many things like: Little black dress created by Coco Chanel, Wrap dress created by Diane Von Furstenberg, and Calvin Klein jeans created by Kate Moss. Just imagine if these fashion designers did not come up with these awesome creation. What clothing us as women would be wearing now.

It is mind blowing to think that women have came so far with fashion. And how we can have the freedom to choose what wear. Based on how we are feeling or our personality. We are different. And we don't have to dress the same. Express yourself.

Personally, I enjoyed the book. It showed and explained the things that women are successfully succeeding in. It actually made me feel so much more confident to believe that I can do anything regardless of my gender or race. Knowing that you can express yourself in any way possible. Be Yourself.

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