no zoo Anibal L.

Have you ever been to a zoo?If so, you probably noticed the animals are sad and misses their families. I think we shouldn’t have zoos. Here are some reasons why: People might get hurt when they catch the animal for the zoo, they need space to roam, and they should stop catching animals that are extinct.

People can get hurt when they catch the animal. When the people catch the animals they know that they are going to get separated from their family. They want to go back to their family. The animals are sad being away from their habitats, so please help them.

Animals need more space to run and have fun. They are cramped in a little space. They need to run around because they need to get their energy out of them. When they run around in the little amount of space they might get hurt probably by the wall or the cage.

They should stop catching animals that are extinct. Since the animal is extinct and they transport them to zoos then that animal will not be extinct anymore. There won’t be a lot of extinct animals anymore. The animals can’t catch their pray.

I hope you agree with me about why we should not have zoos. These are all of my reasons why we shouldn’t. Please help the animals to go back to their habitats.


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