Tour of the Harn by Jason Roeder

Nancy Graves, American

As soon as I saw this piece it really spoke to me. This piece of art is 3-dimensional and looking at it at different angles changed the meaning of the art. Staring at one angle you can see the nature of the birds, but at another angle you can see musical notes. this piece of art communicated a form of serenity and peace. The musical notes and birds depict a scenic view that overall calms the body and brings joy within my heart. In order to truly understand the picture, Graves masterpiece needs to be seen in person in order to be truly understood.

Marvin E. Newman, Roadways Leading to Brooklyn

I found the gallery section of the exhibit the most appealing. I found this area appealing because it portrays real life. As you can see in this photo it depicts Brooklyn in a time before 9/11. This scene depicts the pure beauty of New York before the attack. This section also displayed other non fictional photos showing poverty, wealth, hunger, and etc. I believe this part of the museum paints the biggest picture. Since these photos are of real life, I feel an individual understands the message more, and is affected by the overall message. With this said a individual will take the message from the art, and possibly use it as an example for change.

Childe Hasam, Springtime Vision

Hasam's work of art spoke to me because I am all about nature. Since his artwork is abstract it allowed me to dive deeper and really pullout every detail of the artwork. I believe this piece of art is beautiful, and allows each viewer to have a different opinion on it. This piece of art installs happiness within me. Since I am from New York, spring is a special occasion because it is when I get out of a rough winter.. Due to this it emphasizes the beauty of this piece of art. It incorporates how I feel about spring. It also incorporates warm colors that provoke happiness and joy within me.

Buddha, Moorti Mahaal

The Buddha represents the good life as a whole. The Buddha is about finding enlightenment and seeking the good life. This sculpture represents the same aspects. The sculpture portrays the Buddha meditating trying to reach enlightenment. The sculpture shows like the path the Buddha took that enlightenment is an individualistic task, that can not be taught. It is a task that an individual has to seek on their own.


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