Dominican Republic Josaline Radley

Politics- The Dominican Republic has a president named Danilo Medina. Their presidency is the same as the United states, each term is 4 years. He is elected by absolute majority rule, a two round process. The president has the most power, and can veto whatever he wants too without any backlash. He is the head of the government and also the head of the police force. He also appoints all of the cabinet members.

Economy- The Dominican republic uses Dominican Pesos. The unemployment rate stands at 15%. The Dominican Republic honors their foreign trade policy with The United States and Puerto Rico. Exported items include precious stones, metals, precision instruments, and tobacco., 2,600 pesos a month is for minimum wage.

Social Structure- Race is a huge part in the social structure. Those with darker skin fall to the the very bottom. People in the Dominican are very fashion oriented, the better you dress the higher you get on the social structure. The social latter also includes family background. Your family status is what gets you everywhere.

Religion- The Dominican Republic offers freedom of religion like the US. The majority (90%) is Roman Catholic. Most people believe in a formalistic point of viewpoint. The priest's advice is well sought after and respected even if the same religion is not shared.

Industry-The largest industries in the Dominican Republic are tobacco, sugar, gold mining, medical devices and so much more, the money really benifits the country and helped it become the prosperous and most well sough after place in the world.

Arts/Entertainment- The Dominican Republic have many different celebrations and holidays including Guloya festival, San Pedro de MacorĂ­s which is now in January. For entertainment, dancing is a major thing.

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