Mira Loma Project California Power Grid Gets A Boost

On January 30th, 2016, the Marla Project officially came online. The Marla Project is founded and lead by Tesla, and aims to help reduce and stop climate change through starting the integration of more renewable energy resources in California.

The Tesla Gigafacotry located outside of Sparks, Nevada. *click the button below to learn more about the Gigafactory*

The project, which required the construction of 396 Tesla batteries, was completed in three months (usually takes years), thanks to the Tesla Gigafactory. These batteries proceed to take in energy during the day and then feed the energy back into the electrical system when it is needed. With California being a leader in starting to produce more batterie storage plants, they are helping to initiate a movement against pollution and climate change, and this is largely in part to Teslas devotion to investing in sustainable technology and sustainable energy.

Climate Change is a huge problem that needs to be addressed now.
"This project is exactly in line with our mission to accelerate sustainable technology and sustainable energy broadly for the world," Tesla Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, said.
Tesla has developed and/or won contracts and awards for identical installations of batterie power plants also in California, and in multiple other American states along with in foreign countries.
"Tesla is moving to transform itself from a maker of luxury electric cars into a multifaceted clean-energy company."

The installation of the batterie storage plant is capable of supplying energy to approximately 15,000 homes for over 4 hours. This project shows how 'utilities can use enormous collections of batteries in place of conventional power plants' (Cardwell).

The Diablo Canyon Power Plant is one of the most relied on nuclear power plants in California. In 2025, PG&E are going retire this power plant and in these next eight to nine years, plan to come up with a replacement for the Diablo Canyons energy with a new greenhouse gas free resource.

California has been focusing a lot on finding and using renewable energy resources that can meet the supply and demand of the grid; California wants to help reduce climate change and they also need a new go to energy source that is cleaner and more renewable than power plants. California is filled with aging nuclear power plants that are being closed and 'phased out'; thus, providing a need for utilities to discover other ways to meet the supply and demand of the grid for power. Along with this, batteries are more flexible, don't require the same infrastructure as a nuclear power plants, such as water and fuel, and they do not require environmental reviews or permits.

It is important for other states, not just California, to start thinking about energy sources such as solar power, and batterie storage, not coal burning power plants, or nuclear power plants. Climate change in the next decade is going to hit a point where it is irreversible. The effect of this climate change will be major damages that will cost our economy a lot of money to fix.

“In the long run, they would have less need — and maybe no need — for new natural gas generation.” Says Swami Venkataraman, a senior vice president at Moody’s Investors Service who analyzes the utility sector of California.
Tesla is starting the Movement to movee away from fossil fuels to meet climate and other environmental goals

With Donald Trump officially President of the United States, many people are concerned about how this transition of power will affect Former President Obama’s climate legacy. I believe that though President Trump is not keen when it comes to stopping climate change, former President Obama’s climate legacy will remain. The momentum of clean energy is irreversible by the Trump Administration. Trump’s administration is not necessarily focused on going out of their way to stop the transition to clean energy; his administration is thinking about what is best for the United States, and not as much about what is best for the world. But, because of former President Obama going to the Paris agreement and starting the transition to clean energy and the reduction of greenhouse gases globally, he has started a transition that can only benefit the United States and the earth.

Former President Barack Obama at the Paris Agreement Accord to globally fight climate change.
Former president Barack obama has played a major role in stopping climate change globally... President Trump has big shoes to fill.

President Trump and his administration want to bring back jobs and help the U.S. economy boom while making the United States a leading power in the world; continuing in Obama’s footsteps and following through with promises the United States made at the Paris Agreement will only boost our economy, help our trade partners trust us (therefore increasing how much they want to trade with us), help stop climate change, and save the U.S. some money because we won't have to pay us much for the damage climate change will have. The economic damages of climate change are estimated to cost anywhere from $340 billion to $690 billion dollars annually.


If President Trump is all about making our economy great than he will definitely continue to help reduce climate change through following through with the Paris Agreement. This economic damage does not include catastrophic events caused by climate change, or rising sea levels or the effect of greenhouse gases being released from previously frozen soils and sediments casing rapid acceleration in the warming of the earth. Along with these economic benefits of stopping climate change, the private-sector is already preparing to increase emissions reduction due to the conclusion that by reducing emissions you can also increase bottom lines, decrease costs for consumers, and provide returns to shareholders. If President Trump wants to bring back jobs, investing in clean energy production can do that. Approximately 2.2 million Americans are employed in all the areas of production of energy efficient products and services. I believe former President Obama’s climate legacy is irreversible because President Trump and his administration made it a focus throughout the election process that President Trump and his administration want to grow and stimulate our economy and not following through with the Paris agreement and clean energy would undermine the United States economic interests. It is in the United States best interest to fight climate change and either way President Trump and his administration can not stop the momentum of the transition to clean energy.

Created By
Lindsey DeVore


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