A. Cheek One Point Perspective Project

My first point perspective drawing was unsuccessful because I made several techniques mistakes and I don’t think I was original enough. I made my horizenline match up with one of my building tops, witch caused it to look a little strange. I drew my orthogonal lines to dark so when I erased them they were still disablement I had messy lines on my building at bricks. I made some of the bricks line up with my vanishing point but others did not. I also was unsure of how to color it so I left my paper blank instead of adding lights and shadows.
After working in the one and two-point perspective packets I think I improved a lot. While drawing my second city scape attempt I drew in two-point perspective with two vanishing points. I added in more shapes to this one including letters and even round objects. I feel like I used my space more wisely in the second attempt and I also lightened up on my orthogonal lines quite aa bit. I also think that I better understand how to add saddle emphasis to something in the picture to get the movement I wanted. I only put bricks on one building so that it would be the first thing that people saw and then their eyes would go to the building surroundings, because of this I think that I also improved some on balance in my art.
  1. Before this project all I knew was that impressionists painted with all of the feeling they had, they painted thing to let other people know exactly how they were feeling and how they saw something. And I didn’t know what pointillism was, I had seen it before but I had never known that it had a name until I worked on this project.
  2. One technique I learned during this assignment was that when adding in pointillism into your work you can add, not only complementary colors but also, analogous colors. The purpose of adding in analogy colors to each other is that it makes your piece look more interesting buy giving it more depth.
  3. Pointillism is when an artist adds small marks close together to make a picture. I created this impressionist technique in my art by adding small dashes of a large variety on my picture to make it look like I painted it when I really did it with chalk pastels.
  4. I think that the the impressionists were trying to accomplish showing a large picture made up of many small pieces they found important by using pointillism.
1 Leonid Afremov, Spirits by the lake, October 18th 2014.

6.This painting is by Leonid Afremov, he is a 61-year-old man from Belarus who paints colorful and romantic pointillism pieces. I believe that by painting this picture Leonid was trying to express how he felt with his wife when they first met, he had only known her for a year before he asked her to marry him. So he thought the best way to express his love would be to use bright colors that resemble fireworks in his art alongside a happy couple. His works all include happy bright tones usually showing cute sconce of lovers being happy just spending time together and the environment reflects how they each feel on the inside.

7.1 This piece of art uses heavy pointillism as well as some curved line work. This piece has a lot of movement in it but it is also balanced out nicely due to the color pallet. This picture is painted in one-point perspective and used also of colors. Loenid used several different hues of the same color on things like the tree to show more depth. This art also uses a light of high key colors and white lights. While looking at this picture I feel like I can feel myself stepping on a wet pathway so I think he did an excellent job on texture and also the water looks very real and the trees reflection on the top of it gives it more depth. And lastly there is a large amount of variety when it comes to colors used in this work and he used analogist and complementary colors all throughout his work.

8.1 I really love those work because of how the colors work so well together without blending in or just standing together. The colors in this picture look random but they were chosen for a reason. I also love that he chose to capture such small moments and make them into something completely grand and beautiful by using a beautiful color scheme and adding in the right amount of texture to the picture. By leonid choosing to add more suddle bursts of color to the people he showed us that he knows how to use reverse emphasis and would rather you see the people for what they are and how beautiful the world around them is because of each other. Lastly I like how he adds in dark colors to the borders of his work to lead the viewer’s eyes to the center faster so that the viewer follows his intoned motion.

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