Oceans of the World marley rehm

Oceans make up 97% of the worlds water. With 5 major oceans covering the Earth there is much more water than land. And yet why is it we still suffer from a water shortage? That is beacsue seawater is undrinkable to human life. Due to the large amounts of salinity in the sea the water would in fact dehyrdrate you more than hydrate you.

The oceans, making up 72% of the Earth's surface serve a major part of successful life of Earth. It is a necessary part of survival. Many of the foods eaten and clothes worn are all thanks to the ocean. Transportation of boats that carry goods and supplies across help the United States as a whole. The ocean provides more than half of the oxygen needed and absorbs the most carbon from it. Many businesses that are based on the ocean rely on it to provide income for the economy. Without it such businesses would fail and collapse and many people would suffer. One of the most important uses of the ocean to life on Earth is the supply of fresh water. Clouds are formed from the evaporation of Earth's oceans which then take the seawater and turn into rain for land.

Minerals such as salt, sand, gravel, maganese, copper, cobalt, nickel, and iron are mined from the ocean.

Crude oils can be drilled from the ocean floor.

The ocean plays a critical role in removing carbon from the atmosphere and providing oxygen.

Fish from the sea provide plentiful resources for many meals throughout the day, Not to forget the other food sources we obtain from the ocean plants and sea life.

The water from the ocean is evaporated into the air and into the clouds. It soon falls as rain into the ground and onto our land.


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