Go-Kart NK Brandon Karpinski

Problem Statement: We were tasked with the goal of completing the build of a drill powered go-kart. We had a budget of $25 for materials that were not provided incase such as wheels, chains, axles and PVC. We are provided with plywood, and the drill to power our Go-Kart.


Our gear train will consist of a small gear attached to the drill and a large gear attached to the wheel. We choose this set up in order to maximize the rotation of wheel to get more speed.
A drill will power our gear train with a smaller gear on the drill and a larger gear on the wheel. Having a smaller gear on drill will allow the drill to create more spin allowing the larger gear on the wheel to spin faster, creating more speed
Our Axle will be 32in which will be the width of the cart, our nose will be 1 foot long and 32in wide to make the rest of the kart
This is our first sketch, our frame will be 72 x 32in and will be cut out of plywood.
The Design for our front nose has been redesigned to have more fitting dimensions
Our Go-Kart will be 72" long and 36" wide. Our Axle will have a length of 29 inches

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