Maker Blog 2016-2017 School Year Austin Sloop

Week 1: In Maker this week we are choosing our pathways for the class. We choose three pathways which we work on throughout the semester. Pathways are different ways of making things. Some examples are 3D design and woodworking.

Woodworking Pathway
3D Design Pathway

Week 2: This week we are working on our brainstorming sketches and our final sketches. These sketches are for pathway 1. My first pathway is 3D design. Here are some examples of the sketches:

What I will do next is take these sketches for 3D design and start creating. Hopefully everything will go well in designing.

Week3: I've decided to switch path ways since I had problems with the systems. The pathway I am moving to is RRU. This stands for Reuse, Recycle, Up cycle. What I am making is a drum set out of cans, bottles, etc.

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