Athens and Sparta Their simularitie and differences

Athens: Athens was a Greek city state that was located on the peninsula of Greece. Athens main focus was to develop their minds and have a better education. Their government was an democracy and they had a decent army but an even stronger navy in the sea. They actually fought with Sparta in the Persian wars and they won most of the battles. The picture below a boat that would have been used in the Athenian navy and the next picture is where Athens is located.

Sparta is similar and different to Athens in many wayward s. Spartas city state is located on the Peloponnesus of Greece. Spartas main focus was to build their muscles and the bodies and their government was an oligarchy. Unlike the Spartans, their army was better on foot than the water. They fought with the Athenians in the Persian war. This is a picture of where Sparta is and this is an image of a Spartian war helmet.

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