Winter 2020 Snapshot Innovation & Agility-Curriculum and Career Education (CCE)

Innovation & Agility welcomes you take a walk on our side!
As we close out the Fall 2020 semester, we would like to take time to reflect and celebrate our students, our work and our successes, especially during these unique and challenging times. Doing so helps to focus our work on our mission: provide diverse programs that bring a sense of balance between curriculum and career, valuing students as whole people connected with our community. Together, we create a greater, more unified experience for every student as they seek richer, more meaningful opportunities preparing them the workforce and beyond.

Please enjoy the following snapshots of our work this semester

Creativity Carts

The Innovation & Agility-Curriculum & Career Education (CCE) is continuing to support the various functions of the Elementary Creativity Cart program. While campuses were closed, the Creativity Cart program leveraged its cross-functionality with Academic Support and Food Services to pilot a modified program and provide socio-economically disadvantaged elementary students. Once school buildings opened, creativity cart kits were delivered to hybrid classrooms to six of our Elementary campuses: Addison, Barron Park, El Carmelo, Greendell, Hoover, and Palo Verde. On average, our agile team prepared between 500 to 800 creativity cart kits bi-weekly.

Elementary students Winter Wonderland creations

Winter Wonderland: Wrapping up the last Creativity Cart of 2020.

Virtual Classroom Setup

Fall 2020

Hands-on learning has not stopped because of the pandemic. Our CTE teachers have been amazingly creative in setting up home studios that offer students with an amazing distance learning experience!

Arts, Media and Entertainment

Thank you for your donations!

We would like to thank PSAV San Francisco for their generous in-kind donation of radio equipment. This equipment will benefit CTE students across all five secondary campuses. For donations or for more information contact us using the “Get Involved” button on PAUSD’s Let’s Talk.

Broadcasting programs continue in earnest despite the pandemic. Their goal is to keep the community informed from home and up-to-date with school news and events.

Business & Finance

Gunn High School is excited to share it is running one section of BEAM and two sections of Principles of Business this year!

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Paly Child Development students have created videos for their preschool and kinder buddies as a way to stay in touch as we shelter in place. Students hope you will find them both fun and purposeful.

ECD 2 students use the virtual platform Zoom to their advantage and host Halloween Story Fun Hour

Engineering & Architecture

JLS teacher uses EdPuzzle to help students follow appropriate steps to center a table top

Industrial Tech teachers collaborated to come up with interesting projects for students to design and build at home this year.

JLS and Greene teachers create a drafting and design for breakfast activity for students to complete remotely

Tech 1A Greene Middle School students designed and built mouse trap cars and wrote as well as presented their work to their peers.

Palo Alto High School is excited to share that it is running four sections of Introduction to Engineering Design, including two honors level sections

Fashion and Interior Design

Interior Design and Fiber Arts Fashion Design courses involve students creating projects that develop their own sense of style. Interior Design examines student choices in choosing floor plans, selecting /arranging furniture, fabrics and accessories, plus involving architectural aspects of line, design, form, color and texture. Fiber Arts Fashion introduces students to different textiles and fiber application. Enjoy a student's authentic 18th century dresses and accessories.

c. 1740s working-class outfit of a Scottish woman. Includes a linen jacket, skirt, apron, embroidered pocket, kerchief (scarf), and white Jacobite Cockade

Health Science & Medical Technologies

Gunn Biotechnology students presented mock investments plans in a friendly competition among classmates to see who can make the biggest profit in a virtual stock project. Many students chose to invest in Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca who were, at the time, on the edge of vaccine approval.

Social Justice in Science

This semester’s topics covered many social justice areas, such as the history of several landmark discoveries / experiments like the Tuskegee experiment, the story of Henrietta Lacks and the HeLa cell line, and development of new cancer drugs. Students examined scientific problems from multiple perspectives in their ethical analysis, while also covering fundamental biological concepts and introduction to biotechnology tools / instruments.

Henrietta Lacks in a 1940s photo (Lacks family/Henrietta Lacks Foundation/AP)

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Students in our culinary science programs continued to learn about kitchen safety and cooking healthy and delicious meals thanks to their teachers' home studios!

Culinary teacher's demo kitchen during distance learning

Students researched recipes and created cooking portfolios for their families to enjoy!

Information & Information Technologies

Gunn AP Computer Science Principles class has been engaging in a global data science project with two classes in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in partnership with the Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative through Stanford. They had their first Zoom conference call together on November 10 and have been working on our Dear Data postcard project to share with our small learning groups at our next meeting in January.

Gunn students have also been studying the Global Impact of Technology and how biases appears in algorithms. Students demonstrated their learning through a research project, selecting one area of interest and describing the impacts of that algorithm – and its biases – on society, economy, and/or culture. Then, they peer reviewed each other's work according to a rubric while working in partner breakout rooms.

Automotive Technologies

Gunn Auto teacher took one of the cars that was built (and untested) by last year's Auto 2 class (Class of 2019) to Laguna Seca Raceway for a "shake down run" on Black Friday. The car worked flawlessly pending some minor shock absorber adjustments.

Multiple Pathways

Advanced Authentic Research (AAR) program connects with mentors digitally

The continued support from several hundreds of our AAR mentors throughout the past five years has made this program thrive and provided students with direct support and insight to the industry of their project. Moving forward, we are partnering with an additional platform, Nepris, to continue to provide industry expert advice to approximately 150 students across both high school sites.

Student quote: “I loved how supportive an environment we had and how everyone was extremely helpful with their feedback. We all wanted to see everyone else’s project succeed.”

Work Experience Education Program

WEEP students created elevator pitches. One student created an instagram account (@mentalhealth.conscious) to address mental health issues and misconceptions which has gained over 2k followers to date

Gunn & Paly joint Career Speaker series, March 2021!

This virtual event will be the first joint effort hosting the speaker series collaboratively across Paly and Gunn. Our speakers will represent a diverse array industries and emphasize social-emotional resilience.

We are always interested in your unique perspective, and are actively seeking both mentorship and guest speaking opportunities.

Students explore the impacts of COVID-19 in the modern workplace.

K 12 and Beyond

Dual Enrollment

Leveraging our new pathway development structure, Foothill and PAUSD supported our students with registration for their respective dual enrolled winter courses. Through one-to-one meetings, classroom drop-ins, and a zoom open drop-in hour, our students received step-by-step instructions to complete the process so that they have one less thing to manage before going on their winter break.

County-wide Coffee Chats

PAUSD has joined Santa County County of Education to facilitate monthly Coffee Chats with Counselors from across the region. During each meeting, useful resources and tutorials are shared on the following topics: Labor Market Information (LMI), high demand careers, living wage jobs in the Bay Area, pathway alignment to the Bay Area community colleges, counseling and student support services at the community colleges, work based learning, career counseling tools, working with parents and more.

We are so grateful for our CTE Advisory industry leaders for volunteering their time to discuss mission critical topics and the vision for the future of our pathway programs at PAUSD. These contributions are essential to our mission: giving all students diverse pathways to success and career exploration that matches their passions.

Innovation & Agility

As we approach the end of 2020, we want to take the time to express our appreciation to our staff, community, PAUSD volunteer mentors for their continued outstanding work on behalf of our students. Without volunteer mentors, personalized learning would not be possible. Finally, we want to acknowledge and thank our tenacious students for continuing to grow and learn.

We hope you will find time during winter break to spend quality time with family and friends, even if it may look different this year.


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