More Than Music.

eMontage: Deepen connections with your Fans.

A new channel for artists who want to break down the complex elements to show how they form an organic whole.

Here's how it works...

The eMontage Experience

Fans will find their way to your eMontage landing page through various social media and internet linked ads.

Fans will see an ad on social media.
Fans are directed to a Custom landing page to access your eMontage.

To experience eMontage go to emontage.mobi

Anatomy of an eMontage

Let's break it down...

An eMontage is made up of separate modular elements that can then be chained together to create a story. Designed for mobile displays, the eMontage follows natural user behavior and scrolls vertically.


Home Screen Module

Home Screen
Instructions Overlay
eMontage Menu
  • eMontage Watermark - INCLUDED - animated and displayed at a fixed position. Upon tap or click, it will open a series of instructions on the standard navigation for an eMontage.
  • Menu Button (on left side) - INCLUDED - displayed at a fixed position. Upon tap or click, it will open a table of contents for further exploration. As users scroll down the page, the table of contents will close and slide back to its fixed position at the left side of the screen.
  • Background - INCLUDED - animated, custom or solid color.


Story Modules


Lyrics Box


L - Normal State / R - Activated State
  • View Lyrics Button - tap to activate scrolling lyrics text.
  • Pop-Up Scrolling Text - appears upon pressing the “View Lyrics” button.
  • * The Lyrics section can also be used to display a track list / tour date schedule / timeline / release date button depending on the type of eMontage that’s being created.

Content Boxes


Content Box Image Cover
Image Cover Reveal


  • Image Cover - image that slides off the screen to reveal interactive content.
  • More Button - slide right to left to reveal interactive content.
  • Interactive Content can be scrollable, dragged and / or tapped.

Flip Cards


HORIZONTAL CARD - L - Flip Card / R - Flip Card Turned Over
  • Image - image that turns over to display info copy on the back.
  • Flip Button - tap to flip card over to display info about the photo.
  • The flip card will animate flipping over.

Music Video Box


Music Video
  • Video Frame - INCLUDED - this frame will encase all Music Videos so they stand out more than the other, supplemental videos.
  • Video Button - INCLUDED - plays Music Video, can tilt phone to play horizontally
  • Specialty Background - INCLUDED - this module has its own background.
  • Embedded Text - OPTIONAL - this module can also have its own text laid on top of the background.

Video Boxes


L - Video Box Vertical / R - Video Box Horizontal
  • Video - INCLUDED - displays videos other than music videos (i.e. personal exclusive interviews); can tilt phone to to play horizontally.
  • Video Button - INCLUDED - plays video.

Image Boxes


Graphic Box
  • Background Image - art that displays on its own or behind text.


  • Animated Modules
  • 3D Object Modules
  • Phone Movement Modules (shake or rotate)
  • Timeline Modules
  • Interactive Game Modules



Live Box will display on the bottom of all your eMontages
  • MY LIVEBOX Title Bar - will display at the top at all times
  • Share Button - for fans to share this eMontage on their own social media.
  • Social Bar - links to the musician's social media platforms.
  • Online Bar - links to the musician's online presence (i.e. website, bandzoogle, cdbaby, bandcamp).
  • Streaming Bar - links to the musician's music pages on streaming music platforms.
  • eCommerce Carousel Box - rotating ads that link to the musicians' merchandise and products of their choosing. Links take users out of the eMontage experience.
  • Scrolling Text Ticker - at the bottom of the LiveBox, scrolling ticker-tape-style news of the musicians' choosing.

New eMontage Releases

The creator of an eMontage can also create NEW eMontage stories, thus creating a library on eMontage.mobi.


More Than Music