Self Portait,Vincent van Gogh,September 1889

I chose this paining because I really like how the pointillism was done and I like his expression and his color choices for this piece. I chose to study Vincent van Gogh because after this self-portrait I really like his painting ‘Café Terrace at Night’ and ‘Starry Night Over the Rhône’.

This painting is a first attempt at a self-portrait that van Gogh painted it the age of 36. In this painting he is dressed in a light blue suit and he has his hair slicked back neatly and his beard is full but has clearly been trimmed up beforehand. In the painting Van Gogh’s face is shown looking very serious and not even a hint of a smile can be traced.

I believe that by using so much pointillism in this peace Van Gogh just wanted to show that every single brush stroke is important in a work of art. and while the main focus in the painting is his face he clearly spent a long time working on the overall background of monochrome blues and greens, Van Gogh also decided to put a lot of pointillism work in his clothing as well as his hair while his eyes seam to look fairly smooth compared to the rest of the photo.

Van Gogh used oil paints and medium sized flat brushes to accomplish this piece as well as many different sized palette knifes to get the background and lay out the hair before going over it with a flexible brush to get the pointillism into his work.

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