Nuclear Project Is Nuclear Energy a viable and safe option for humankind?

DISCLAIMER - last years work is for looking at examples, not stealing information. Do not copy their work :)

You are to use your textbook as a guide to outlining the content and questions below. Use the web to find images, data, or really just evidence to support your information in a format of a digital presentation. This should be robust with images, videos, text, and outside sources to be written in your own words, be clear and concise to your information. Thoroughly address each point with written text and relevant images- This project should reflect AP level work - if you are unsure of what that is, please see me. Your team will choose at random one of the numbered topics below and be sure to thoroughly cover each point. For each topic your presentation should thoroughly cover details for each point or question given below. BE SURE TO CITE YOUR INFORMATION WITHIN IN YOUR PROJECT (see references below).

2017 Blackhawk Student Powered Solutions

1. Nuclear fission process and Nuclear Fuel:

What is fission?

Describe how nuclear fission is a self-sustaining. Explain isotopes and the elements/atoms that are used in nuclear energy. Define the term half-life and provide examples. Explain how Uranium is extracted. Explain nuclear fusion and why it is currently not in use as an energy source.

2. Electricity Production

Compare electric generation from coal to the electric generation using nuclear energy. Contrast fuel and controls rods.What are control rods critical to a nuclear reactor? Create a flow chart for production of electricity from nuclear energy. Describe nuclear power generation. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages, including short and long term environmental effects.

3. Nuclear reactor types

Diagram and describe a pressurized water reactor and show the three water circuits. Compare and contrast the following - conventional nuclear fission, breeder nuclear fission, and fusion. Discuss if a nuclear power plant safe in our area? – What are some of the preventions and securities in place to prevent a catastrophe?

4. Environmental advantages/disadvantages

Create a chart to describe the environmental advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. Sub topic - Safety issues and Radiation and Human Health Summarize the catastrophes of Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, and Fukushima. Explain radiation exposure to humans – what is and when is it harmful, effects on human body. Discuss if a nuclear power plant safe in our area? – What are some of the preventions and securities in place to prevent a catastrophe?

5. Radioactive wastes

What is radioactive waste? Compare and contrast high and low level radioactive waste and the disposal of both. Describe storage of nuclear waste and the major disadvantages of nuclear waste storage. Relate the pros and cons on permanent storage of high-level radioactive waste. Give a recent update on the radiation levels at Fukushima - what is currently happening, what is the solution?

Is water vapor a greenhouse gas?

References: Everything that you report should be cited to its original source within your writing like this (Puskas 2016). You should paraphrase and not plagiarize. You may use charts, graphs, and illustrations but be sure to reference within your work.

-You should also have a references slide, page, or something at the end of your presentation of all the references that you have used.


Cougars and First Energy - Connecting Schools and Industry


*Keep in mind that I have provided suggestions that seem to work well with each format. I encourage you to come up with you own – you should not feel limited to the examples given. Please approve your method with me :)

1. Make a podcast – using audacity or Garageband: This is suggested for a conversation on the topic. Create a discussion outline of topics and have a conservation. Be creative – for example create a character that is an environmentalist discussing the negative environmental impacts with a pronuclear engineer that rebuttals with the positive impacts. -Note you will just need the .mp3 file.

2. Use Wix or Adobe Slate to make a website: This is suggested to organize media (pictures, videos) and provide background information.

3. Create an Infographic: This is suggested to present an array of facts, data, numbers, and comparisons. A great infographic would compare nuclear to coal power production, costs, etc.

4. Create a movie trailer: This is suggested to present the visual impacts of nuclear energy – a suggestion would be sharing safety issues and past catastrophes. (Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, Fukushima, etc.)

5. Use powtoon to create a video: This is suggested to simplify misconceptions or promote nuclear energy as a viable source of producing electricity.

6. Create a Screencast-this records your computer screen: This is suggested to present or explain a process, pose questions, share websites, etc. You must first make a powerpoint or prezi and record your presentation.

References - Are so important it is listed twice. Be sure to include references within all written information - basically if you saying facts you must reference it like this (Puskas 2007). Please see page 25 of the document posted in the link below for citing websites and Page 4 for reference page format.

Everything will be ok in the end...if its not ok - its not the end - John Lennon


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