Events Recap

To everyone who saw FGT at the events we attended in the past couple weeks, thanks for stopping by! It was amazing to represent our mission to a broader audience, and get to explore the diversity of our beautiful Bay Area.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is entering its 3rd and final weekend of performances. While we’re sad to be saying goodbye to such a brilliantly original production of Shakespeare’s classic, we feel very lucky to have had a presence at the shows. But our partnership with Silicon Valley Shakespeare doesn’t end this weekend! Keep an eye out for more information regarding their productions of The White Snake and Macbeth, opening late July.

SubZERO was electrically eclectic; from poets clacking away on typewriters to street performers weaving in and out of crowds, there was an element of expression for everyone! Lucky for us, we were able to harness some of the explosive artistry, as festival-goers stopped by to write and color letters of encouragement that will be placed in the backpacks we distribute to children.

Sunday Streets in Golden Gate Park happened on an uncharacteristically warm day for San Francisco, and the community certainly took advantage of the sunshine. It’d be impossible to count the number of bikes whizzing by, or the kids who stopped to pet the tortoise at the next booth. Coloring was a lot of fun for many of the families who dropped in, and it was inspiring to hear the heart-to-heart conversations that parents had with children explaining the importance of giving back.

Makers Market’s Craft Fair was an excellent opportunity to acquaint ourselves with local talent. It was exciting to see handmade dolls, expertly carved wooden earrings and finely crafted leather bags all in one place. It was also an excellent place to share information on how people can participate in uplifting the hidden members of their community, whether they be independent artists or students in need.

If you have any local events where you’d like to see FGT have a presence, email us at lynn@fgt.org!

Boba Review--Grand Finale Edition: iTea

By Evelyn Hyunh

Sentimentality: 5/5 For the final official boba run before Jessica's departure, we headed back to one of our favorite spots, i-Tea, where food is just as much desired as the tea. Their basil popcorn chicken was hands-down, perfection. They seasoned it with a good blend of spices and served it with chunks of garlic cloves which just makes it a dream for any garlic lover. Their curly fries were also a delicious and popular choice for our office this week, as was their generous portions of gyoza.

Taste: 4/5 The teas themselves were consistently good. Boba crew member Evelyn got her usual passionfruit tea with grass jelly, which was refreshingly delicious. Celeste's strawberry fruit tea with popping boba was quite a delectable beauty. Jake had the Apple tea with grass jelly which, while delicious, felt like more jelly than tea.

Ordering experience: 4/5 The ordering experience was smooth - having walked into a bit of a boba rush, there was a little wait, but when the food & drinks were ready, they brought everything right to the table, perfectly packaged.

Overall: 4/5

Staff Feature: Jessica McGill

While she no longer officially works for FGT, Jessica McGill will always be an important part of the “Family” in Family Giving Tree. From starting the “Battle of the Bunny” (feel free to ask our Operations Director Al about his love for rabbits) to being one half of our adventurous Boba Team, Jessica has had a huge role in shaping an office culture of warmth and playfulness. It hasn’t all been pranks and treats, though! Jessica’s determination, quick wit, and enthusiasm in the face of challenge defined her work as FGT’s Development Manager. Everyone at FGT greatly appreciates our donors (they make our mission a reality!), but Jessica’s open and consistent communication gave them much more insight as to the impact of their generosity.

FGT is very lucky to have had such a brilliant, dedicated, and hilarious team member, and we can’t wait to see the magic she’ll make in the future!


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