Celebrating Canada 150 years of what canada has to offer!

Canada and its famous foods. Canada is famous for many foods like poutine, Maple syrup and Bacon

Canada Is known for many foods but 3 popular ones would be bacon, maple syrup and poutine. Poutine was created in the early 1950's and was made by potato's from PEI's which came all year around and Montreal's smocked deli meat and they became so famous that they are now considered famous 'Canadian food'.(Patel and Sibonney). Bacon is so just so crispy that people love it everywhere. Maple syrup was very valuable to the native people and since then its just been used a lot and also became a 'Canadian food'. ("Syrup").
Diversity plays a very big role in Canada. ( Evans). Canada has the most Foreign-born citizens than any other G8 country. There is so many different races of people and so many of each which makes everyone feel welcomed and that's something I love about Canada. Not just people born here but people around the world immigrate here and that makes up meet new people from different cultures and races and lets us learn about other people and they can learn about use. Canada has just became more and more diverse since 1996. ("Acceptance of Diversity").

Canada and its celebrations

Canada celebrates many celebrations. One main one is Canada day. Canada day isn't something just Canadians celebrate but all people that live in Canada do. Some people watch fireworks or go to park and celebrate that day(July 1st). Canada day is a day that people get days off work and just a day to spend with people and celebrate. People that live in Canada also celebrate things like Valentines day, Easter, family day, Christmas, Diwali, boxing day, new years, Halloween and many more.


These three things I picked I believe are valued by Canadians like the food many people in Canada value bacon, maple syrup and poutine. People should value the diversity Canada has because its very nice to be around so many different people. Last but not least people do value celebrations around Canada.

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