Ashley Miller My career plans

My Future
My Future

My Personal Life:

Kansas Krush Volleyball

I’m Ashley Miller and I am a Sophomore here at Eudora High School. I currently play volleyball and also a wrestling manager. I just recently got inducted into National Honor Society which is a big step for me.I have a big family on my dad’s side and I decent size family on my mom’s side.

Baby John

My Home Life:

My home life consists of every weekend going to the race track and spending as much time there as I can. I grew up at the race track, so it has literally been my life deal. When I was less than 2 weeks old, I was sitting in the stands watching the races. The funny thing is, my grandma ( dad’s mom ), she would roll up straw wrappers and put them in my brother’s and I’s ears so we could sleep. But if she forgot to still put them in, we still would fall right asleep. Ever since I was born, I have been a daddy’s girl and love drag racing.


Success is achieving your goals and accomplishing the things you would like done. Once you get something you've been meaning to get done for a while, you feel a lot of success.

My Strengths:

Listening Skills, Organized, Truth, Accountable, Safe, Community Service, Outgoing.


I would like to become more interactive with our school. In my future I want to either become a Registered Nurse or a Physician Billing Coding assistant.


Well-behaved, Smart, Brave, Kind-heart, Sweet, Generous, On time, Outgoing.

Career Choice:

I chose either a Registered Nurse or a Physician Billing Medical Coding Assistant because I want to grow into the medical fields. Every time I go to the hospital with my mom for her job, I always look around and wonder what a pleasure it would be to work in a place or field like this.


You need to have, Bachelor's Degree, Associate's Degree, Nursing Diploma, Skills you need, Effective communication, Flexibility, Critical thinking, Desire to learn, Attention to detail. Work Environment- Hospitals, physician's offices, home healthcare, nursing care


To get all or one of your degrees, schooling could last up to three years. To determine which school is the best, I would look around and take college visit days and talk to the college professor about their programs.

EverFi and Budget Activity-

Doing all the lessons from EverFi helped me understand more about budgeting and money because it taught me how to deal and cope with banks and deal with the money. EverFi taught me how to do a lot of things with money and banks because it showed ways of dealing with it. It helped me improve on what to do in the future.

My Plans:

My 10-year plan is to go to college and get my nursing degrees and then go into the hospital work environment as a Registered Nurse and help patients. My goals are to become a nurse and treat others and cure their pain.

R.I.P. Great Grandma Voy


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