The Puma Press March 2018 Edition

Yearbook Orders

From: Mrs. Peters and Yearbook Club

Yearbook 2017-2018 order forms were sent home. The Yearbook Club has been working hard to produce another fabulous memory book for Asa Packer students and their families. Please consider sponsoring a page or including a personal message to your child with a Happy Gram. Orders will be collected until March 22, 2018.

DIne to Donate

Read Across America

By: Ella S. and Addison G.

Read Across America week is when students all over the United States honor Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as the children’s author Dr. Seuss. It began on Monday, February 26th and it ended on March 2nd. We celebrate this particular week because it is the week of Theodor Seuss Geisel's birthday. (He was born on March 2nd.) We do this by reading his most popular books like Green Eggs and Ham, Cat in the Hat, Sleep Book, and Wacky Wednesday. Students dress up differently each day to represent a specific book. For example, for Green Eggs and Ham day, students wore green. Many Asa Packer classrooms were lucky to have many parents, community members, and school staff as mystery readers every day. Students could also track how many books they read during the week by filling in Cat in the Hat style cutouts with the book titles they read. We enjoyed celebrating readers at Asa!

Class Projects

4th Grade Biome Reports

By: Leyna J. and Gianna B.

From February to March, the fourth grade had the task of making some projects for a biome they were given. They chose an animal that could be found in that biome to write a report about. They had to write a paragraph for the animal’s characteristics, food, adaptations, and habitat. After completing their papers, they needed to create a visual aid (poster/tri-fold or diarama) that went along with the research that that was in their papers. Then, on March 5th, students and parents came to the 4th grade classrooms to listen to the presentations that 4th grade had to share. Great job to the hardworking 4th graders for great projects!

5th Grade State ReportS

By: Addison W. and Lauren F.

All throughout January and February, the fifth graders worked very hard to create their state floats. They were required to build a design that showed tourism and facts about their states. On February 15th, the fifth graders were proud to present their state floats. They presented to parents as well as Asa Packer’s pumas. The fifth graders would like to thank their teachers, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Sherman, and Miss Poppa for helping them throughout their time making the state floats as well as encouraging them to keep digging for more facts, information, and history.

Puma Pride Kindness Board

By: Gianna B. and Mckinzie L.

You may have noticed the new giant puma hanging between the gym and cafeteria. The puma is there to recognize any students who have done something special. When a teacher catches someone being kind or honorable, that student will earn a special cutout to color and put on the puma. After they finish, they will tape it to the puma for others to see as they walk by. In February, there were 89 heart cutouts on the puma. Let's try to earn even more shamrock cutouts for March!

PSSA Testing Information

From Mr. Horvath

State testing season is rapidly approaching. From April 10th-12th (Grades 3, 4 and 5 - ELA), April 17th - April 18th (Grades 3, 4 and 5 - Mathematics), and April 24th - April 25th (Grade 4 - Science), students will be taking the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). As you know, this assessment impacts our school in numerous ways. Many course selections for Grade 5 students’ placement in Middle School are based on their individual performances on the assessment. Since scores are typically available prior to July, this permits administrators and counselors to utilize students' results, among other factors, for their placement in the coming year.


From: Mrs. Fortsch and the PTA

The groundhog may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but Asa Packer is “springing” into action!

Our Chipotle fundraiser was a success, with long lines attesting to the great support of the Asa community for our programs. We also had a great turnout for Roller Skating night - skating, falling, and listening to some good music with our Asa Packer families. PTA Board nominations have been completed, so look for the ballot to be distributed in the coming weeks. As always, thanks to the volunteers and board members who help make these and all our programs successful!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming PTA events:

March 15th (grades K-2) and March 22nd (grades 3-5) 8:30 am – Muffins with Mom. Look for flyers to come home with your students soon!

April 12th 6-8 pm at PJ Whelihan’s in Bethlehem - PTA Meet & Munch. See attached flyer for details!

Love a good deal? Keep an eye out for details on our BOGO book fair – to be announced soon!

Keep informed of upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in the Asa Packer PTA. “Like” our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@AsaPackerPTA), and visit our website (http://asapackerpta.digitalpto.com). The Asa Packer PTA appreciates the time and talent given by our wonderful volunteers.

Author Day

By: Leyna J. and Andrew F.

Our school had a second author day for the year already! Since we all enjoyed Tom Watson’s presentation, we were very thankful for our PTA and Mrs. Mertz for organizing the February 12th visit from Nancy Krulik, an author who has written some children’s books like Project Droid and Princess Pulverizer. She visited Asa Packer to talk to all of our students about how she writes her books, and how much her family helps her, which was very interesting to hear about. We even watched some of her book trailers! I think we all had tons of fun listening to what she had to say about her books on Author Day!

Roller Skating

Roller skating was a totally FREE night of fun for adults and kids from Asa Packer! So many families skated the night away on February 25th. Thanks to our awesome PTA for this event!

Guidance Goings

BACH to School Concert

By: Brady F. and Blake J.

Bach was a great composer who wrote many songs. During February, 3rd grade studied Bach in music class. On February 22nd, all of our 3rd graders went to see the Bach choir. When they saw the choir, they learned more about Bach and got to hear some of Bach’s music. It was very interesting!

Drama Club in Nitschmann's the Lion King

On March 4, 2018, the Asa Packer Drama Club went to Nitschmann to perform in their school play! The Drama Club members got to dress up in different animal costumes and sing in the finale. They helped Nitschmann sing “The Circle of Life” at the very end of the play. The Drama Club got to observe the play from beginning to end, and then walk down to the stage and sing in the finale. Everyone had a grand time watching the play and singing!

Leader in Me - Habit 2

By: Nurbanu C. and Rebecca D.

Begin With The End In Mind

The second habit is "Begin With The End In Mind." This means you need to have a plan. For example, when you want to get a good grade on a test, you need to plan all your studying days, so you don't forget about it and don't rush. Another example is if you want to do really well in your sport or in a game, you need to prepare at each practice. That is what we can do to Begin With The End In Mind.

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