Middle Colonies Leila R.

If you come to the Middle Colonies, you will see lots of farming!

Reason for Founding

The Middle Colonies were founded to set up fur trading posts and to create new trading routes. There is also lots of land that could be used for farming. We have great farmland that grows many bread products which gave us the nickname The "Breadbasket" Colonies.


The Middle Colonies have very rich soil which makes farming easy. The summers are very humid and hot, and the winters are very cold. That makes for long growing seasons. We have amazing farmland. Some natural resources we have are timber, coal, minerals, iron, and copper.


Some of our industries include, trading, mining, and lumbering. As a result, our merchants are very profitable. Some people also make money selling wheat, corn, rye, hemp, and flax from their farms.

The Breadbasket Colonies

The Middle Colonies got their name "The Breadbasket Colonies" for all our farming. We grow many bread ingredients and have many farmers. We got our name from our production of wheat, rye, hemp, corn, and flax.

A fun video about the Middle Colonies! Sorry about the fast talking!!!

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