Celebrating 150 years with Ohio State Education and Human Ecology has been a part of Ohio State nearly as long as the university. Since 1895, we have helped shape education and human development locally, nationally and globally. We take a look back to honor the college's storied history during this sesquicentennial.

It's the people who have built the College of Education and Human Ecology into the world-class educational institution it is today. They are...

Teachers and advocates for equity, like Olivia J. Hooker, who was an extraordinary figure in the fight against racism, and witness to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

Dedicated to worldwide sustainable tourism, like Hanna Paulose.

Motivated to give back and support years of future generations, like Lucille and Roland N. Kennedy.

Driven to compete for athletic glory in sport and the Olympics, like Jesse Owens and Kyle Snyder.

It’s who we are. We are Buckeyes. We champion people and their potential.

EHE nurtures potential and curiosity in others. It's led our students and faculty to drive innovations in education, in how we care for our minds and bodies, in how we interact as families and make choices as consumers.

It’s why kinesiology at Ohio State has been heralded around the world for seven decades.

It’s where Boyd Bode, Edgar Dale, Martha L. King and others pioneered educational instruction and theory.

It’s how we’ll continue to be an agent for change into the future.

As we celebrate 150 proud years with The Ohio State University, the College of Education and Human Ecology is poised to move from where we’ve been and forge bold, new paths for our children, our students and our communities.

Our new journey is just beginning, and we’ll tackle pressing issues affecting early childhood, urban, rural and STEAM education, health and economic vitality and global engagement.

And we’ll do it by combining our expertise with the experiences of communities to create impactful change.

We, like those before us, are path makers. Time and change will surely show how each step will lead us all to a better tomorrow.

See how you can celebrate Ohio State's 150th anniversary all year long.