Forgiving My Mom By:Corey Silva

One sunny summer day in June, my mom and I were riding to the grocery store, when I was 12 years old. We were having a conversation about my subjects in school.

I was getting to a really good part about what I had to do in school with my mom and her phone rang. My mom picked up the phone and started talking to Aunt Amy. Their conversation seemed extremely long, boring, and I felt so hot in the car when I was saying, “Mom I’m trying to tell you something important.” While they were talking I felt upset because I was telling her something important and we were interrupted. So I kept talking to my mom while she was talking on the phone.

My mom was upset with me. She told me in a angry voice that I was being very rude. She told me to stop talking and wait for her to get off the phone. I kept talking to my mom but she started to yell by by telling me, “Corey stop talking, I’m on the phone!” This made me stop talking.

For a few days of thinking of what to say to my mom in order to forgive for yelling at me, I had to go apologize to my mom first to the way I acted, then she forgive me. After my mom said sorry to me for yelling, I did forgive my mom. When my mom said “You gotta learn to never interrupt someone when they're on the phone.” I said “okay” but now looking back that I’m now 14, I learned now that I have to wait for a person to get off their phone to continue the conversation. I also learned how my mom felt when I kept talking over her and how mad she was with me.

I also have learned how I have to be patient to wait for my mom to get off the phone. Now I realize I have to respect what my mom says when I interrupt her conversation. The way I learned is not only from my mom but other people when talking with a person instead of me.

Just knowing that me and my mom mostly don’t get along to well sometimes but we are still family. I will still learn this when talking with other people to not interrupt their conversation as well. The car was boring for me while my mom was talking on the phone. When I was bored of hearing my mom’s conversation especially when I was saying a something important but I do learn to never interrupt anyone conversation again.

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