Harris Bilingual February 2020 Newsletter

February 6, 2020

Happy February Harris Community!!

I want to send a special thank you to all the families that came out to have fun, visit our Jungle themed book fair, and dance on Friday at the Friendship Dance!! The PTO and the Wellness Committee did a FANTASTIC job organizing, decorating, and coordinating the event – it was a huge success!

During the month of February, we will be honoring our Harris Heroes who show the value of SAFETY. Our little “pollitos” – (PreK students) have been learning all about fire safety and the role of our SRO Tim Siman. Our school will be practicing our spring Fire Drill this month and our students will begin learning about bike safety this spring. Our 5th graders have been learning about healthy hearts and as you all know, we have spent a lot of time reteaching healthy habits with hand washing.

Starting in February, all schools will host monthly fire drills, as required by the International Fire Code. Previously, our students and staff participated in three annual fire drills. Each drill serves as an opportunity to educate students and staff about safely evacuating our building in the event of a fire. As we’ve historically done, we will evaluate our evacuation and processes to determine what we’re doing well and what we could improve upon. This work is part of PSD’s holistic approach to safety in PSD. We do this because we love your kids and want them to feel as safe as possible each day when they come to school to learn and grow.

Additional information on Car Drop off and Pick up. Please keep children safe by following these rules:

- Kiss and Go – do not get out of the car when you drop off your child. If you need extra time, please park in the church parking lot and walk your child to school. This will help our line move smoothly. Drop off only at the gate closest to Garfield – the gate by Elizabeth does not have supervision.

- Stay in the lane – do not perform a U-TURN in the car drop off or bus lane – this is VERY dangerous for our children who are riding bikes to school or who are walking before or after school.

- Parking lot use – do not park in the handicap accessible parking space to drop your child off or use the parking lot to drop your child off or pick them up – this is also very dangerous as our children sometimes go after a ball that rolls into the parking lot or who may be walking in the parking lot. The handicap accessible parking spot needs to be available at all times for those who need it.

As always, my door is always open for your questions – thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to Harris Bilingual Immersion School!


Norma Huerta-Kelley, PhD




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