The Midwest By Mason, Abbie, & Caitlin (5M)

The midwest consists of eight states: Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Iowa.

The midwest can have average high temperatures of around 80°f. Sometimes, it can get to the three digits! The low temperatures average at around 16°f. In many parts of the region, it can get to be below 0°, even up to -37°.

The average amount of precipitation in the Midwest is around the 50s.

The summers in the Midwest are very hot and humid. It feels hotter than it actually is, because the humidity is from same moisture that brings winter snows

In Autumn and Spring, there is very high precipitation.

Scientists called climatologists determine future climate changes by studying the patterns of weather in a certain area. They look at the changes over time to determine what the temperature might be on a certain day years from now. They use tools such as barometers, hygrometers, and thermometers to measure air pressure, humidity, and temperature.

The weather in Michigan City, IN in the winter is usually about the same as New England: it can go anywhere from 60° to 0°.

Tornados and heat waves are common in the midwest, where the air is dry enough for these natural disasters to occur normally.
Tornados are funnel clouds that leave a narrow path of devastating destruction.
Heat waves are long periods of time that contain little to no rain and very high temperatures.


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