China Andrew percy

China has a population of 1.37 billion.It is a large country.Its world rank is 111.
China has over 5 megacitys(city's with a population of over 10 million).

Mount Everest is a Major landmark in China.

Bordering countries are Mongolia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Pakistan,Nepal,Bhutan,Mandela,North Korea.
China is in the tropical zone.

China is on 36.55309°N Latatude and 103.9754°E longitude.With the capital of Beijing.

China's population density is 146.06.
The 5 largest city's are Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Tianjin.
China is urban.

More people are leaving than entering China.

The main language spoken is Chinese.
Buddisum is the main religion.

To most people's surprise China is developing.It is registered as developing because,it has a low amount of money.It also has poor healthcare.

Fortune cookies where not actually invented in China.

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