Florida's climate SAdie

This is the equator

Flordia's climate is hot and rainy because it is near the equator

This is the drought

A drought is the duration of these below normal precipitation amounts and their impacts on the State

Thunderstorms impact Florida by heavy rains, flash ,flooding ,lightning ,tornadoes hail and strong winds
This is a hurricane

Hurricanes can impact Florida by high winds,flooding,tornadoes,heavy rains and storm surge

This is a peninsula

A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water

This is the ice age

As the ice age ended,sea levels rose Florida shrank in size, the climate became much wetter

This is the landform

Major landforms in Florida include the Atlantic Coastal Plains,Everglades,East Gulf Coastal Plains,Florida Uplands,Big Cypress Swamp and the Florida Keys,with the largest being Key Largo

This is a barrier island

A long narrow island lying parllel and close to the mainland,protecting the mainland from erosion and storms

This is a wetland

Ocean waves,winds,and tiny pieces of shell in some places along the coast.In other places,they carry them away

This is the Alantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

Are natural resources cause it is connected to the Alantic Ocean by the straights of Florida running between the peninsula of Florida and the island of the Cuba and to the Caribbean Sea which road between the yucatan peninsula and Cuba.It is a home to many fish

This is lumber

Lumber is one of Florida's important because of the local energy

This is a phosphate

Phosphate from the State we grow up and used as Fertillization

This is limestone

Limestone is important because building material,tooth paste,paint and derisive rock gardens

This is oil

For this reason,oil heating is graually being replaced by other energy sources.On the other band,it will remain crucial as a raw material for the chemical industry

This is renewable energy and no renewable energy

Renewable energy replies upon resources that are quickly replenished by natural processes,while no renewable energy uses resources that are finite in supply.Commen forms of renewable energy include solar,wind and geothermal energy.Fossil fuels and nuclear power are forms of non renewable energy.


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