How To Play Soccer by olivia pflugfelder

teams aganst other teams

Have you ever wanted to be on a soccer team? If you did then I will tell you how to play it. Let’s get started! I will teach you how to play soccer, about the equipment, and how to be a good teammate! You have to go to the store to get the equipment for soccer. You have to get shin guards for your shins so people don’t kick your shins . Now that would hurt a lot! You need cleats because you need to get grip of the grass so you don’t slide and get hurt. You need a ball because you have to practice with a ball. You need a net because you need to practice with your coach on shooting a goal. You need a coach so he or she can tell you where to go and what to do. You need a team to actually play soccer so you can play against other teams like the blue, team or the red, or pink or black and yellow! Now you know how to play soccer you should play the sport! you should get a ball and find somewhere to sign up go play soccer!

they have been playing for years!


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