Canvas Studio Overview An Easy way to add Video to Your Course

Canvas Studio (formerly known as ARC) is an easy way to add videos to your course. Watch the video below for an overview of some of the features available in Studio.

One of the first steps you will want to learn how to do is to record your own videos/lectures. Studio records using your computer's webcam or a screen recording.

You can also locate clips in YouTube or create your own in other applications like Adobe Spark and upload them following this easy to use tutorial.

Any video that you create either in Studio or another program that you uploaded into Studio can have a custom thumbnail image so that students know what they are about to watch rather than a random clip a few moments into the clip. Linked videos from YouTube are the property of their original owner and retain the same thumbnail they have on YouTube.

Another powerful tool in Canvas Studio is the ability to create your own closed captions. Many students watch the video in locations with limited sound and use the closed captions to clarify what they heard or to search for a section of the video that they may need to rewatch.

A tool unique to Canvas Studio is the ability to check for understanding while students are watching the video. This helps to increase engagement with the video and can ensure the students watch the entire video rather than just scrub through the video.

You can also create assignments for authentic learning where students submit their own videos!

It is easy for students to submit their own video from your canvas course when you allow the assignment to have multimedia submissions.


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