Superintendent Update March 2018

Our Work Continues

While inclement weather has been a theme this season, we were able to save Spring Break and the last day of school from being impacted.

Schools are preparing for Innovation Day coming up on April 27th. Due to inclement weather, this day is now a full day for students.

Each school will be partnering with local businesses and community members to bring real-life examples of STEAM into our schools. Mount Airy High School students will have the opportunity to venture to Veterans' Memorial Park where a Construction Trades/Career Day event will be taking place. Some of the industry partners that will be present are: Smith-Rowe, Sowers Construction, Steve Tate Plumbing, Friendly HVAC, Horizon Rentals, Cooke Rentals, James River Equipment, Mt. Airy Equipment, Omega, Pike, Surry Telephone, Surry Yadkin EMC, Carl Rose Paving, Colt Simmons Construction, J G Coram, Mtn. River Trucking, City of Mount Airy Public Works, Blue Ridge Concrete, Lee Mills Construction, Jeff’s Paint and Body, Ultimate Towing, and J R Lynch and Sons. We are excited to continue to reach out to industry and community partners to work with our students and open their eyes to all of the career opportunities right here in Mount Airy.

Tharrington Primary conducted their fourth lottery recently, which has established the next cohort Language Leaders. It’s always exciting to see new families engaging with our district for a program that will teach their child Spanish beginning in Kindergarten. This program will be growing to Jones for the fall and begin the transition to 3rd through 5th grade.

Tharrington Primary held its kindergarten registration on March 8th and over 100 students registered for the event. We are excited to have these students join us this fall and learn from our amazing kindergarten teachers. BHT offers students and families a caring environment that challenges students to grow and learn. If you know of a rising kindergartener who needs to register for school, please direct them to call or visit BHT.

Each of the schools are conducting lock-down drills, some announced and some unannounced. These efforts as well as continuously improving our safety protocols helps keep all staff and emergency services informed of what to do in case of an emergency. Each school is also forming a safety team. If this is something you would like to be a part of please let your principal know.

In the News

Artificial Intelligence is something industry and education will be using in the near future. Check out some practical ways AI will help us out soon.

Most educators in NC believe arming teachers for safety reasons is a bad idea...here is why.

Upcoming Events

We have so much to be thankful for and so much worth celebrating. Here are some recent highlights.

This year marks the second year that Mount Airy High School seniors have walked through the halls of BHT, Jones, and MAMS prior to the capping ceremony. This is a great way to showcase the goal of high school graduation to our younger students. This is also a great time for staff members as we collectively celebrate the success of a group of students. The capping ceremony began in 2013 and continues to be a highlight for seniors, their parents, and Mount Airy High School.

Our women's basketball team won the 1A State Championship in Raleigh! This marks their second consecutive state championship.
Mount Airy High School's Kathlyn Mauck is the indoor track 1A/2A high jump champion. The Mount Airy High School wrestling team has completed another extremely successful season. This marks their 5th consecutive conference championship!
March is Music in Our Schools month! Our fine arts department excels in providing opportunities for students to discover their passion for music and art. We enjoyed the district-wide performance where Jones, MAMS, and MAHS showcased their musical abilities. The arts teachers have an art show going on at the Mount Airy Public Library from now until April 16th. Be sure to swing by and enjoy the work of our students.
Innovators of the Month and Extra Mile

Extra Mile

BHT – Eve Trotter has gone above and beyond to assist in leading our school in the absence of Mrs. Payne. In addition to teaching every day, she is leading our grade-level PLCs, supporting our interventionists, and helping in the office to carry out everyday administrative duties. We appreciate her servant leadership!

Jones Intermediate School – The Going the Extra Mile for Jones is Sharon Jones and our child nutrition staff. These ladies come in every day with a smile and positive attitude. They do a spectacular job with their duties that apply to working in the cafeteria. But they do so much more. They help to make children and adults smile. They go above and beyond to make sure students have eaten and get what they need, and the same can be said for the adults in the building. Even when lunches have stopped being served they will take the time to fix a staff member of plate when needed. Mrs. Jones and her staff are flexible and friendly. When schedules are thrown off or unexpected situations occur that affect lunch schedules, they go with the flow. With weather delays, fire drills, and even power outages this school year, they always remain positive and make sure everyone in our school is fed and taken care of. It should also be noted that they have the BEST food in the district!

MAMS – Heather Stafford and Alex Tedder have gone the extra mile in their work with planning the 8th grade trip. Students had a great time and the trip was well organized and safety was at the forefront of all plans. It takes a lot of work for the entire year leading up to a trip such as this and these two ladies went above and beyond with the planning.

MAHS – Livia Livengood has gone the extra mile by using what she has learned in the Innovation Squad and by sharing that information with our other teachers. She is now using a pineapple chart for teachers to be able to share good practices within our building.

Central Office - We want to say that the Mount Airy Police Department continually goes the extra mile for us! Special thanks to Chief Dale Watson, Capt. VanHoy and Capt. Freeman this month. The electricity was out at BHT and Jones and these folks helped us move food to a refrigerated area off site. Their tireless efforts always help us out when we need them.

Cindy Wilson has gone the extra mile for the Jones Future Leaders Academy (FLA) after school program.. Cindy serves as one of the Jones FLA teachers, however, she truly went above and beyond her duties. She recently designed and implemented a month long PBL case for our kids that focused on the Iditarod. Cindy was able to get our students excited about their learning, engage them in reading and literacy skills, nurture the inquiry-based environment, and most importantly help them to develop a love for learning in the after school environment. We are thankful for Cindy as a part of our FLA team at Jones Intermediate School.

Innovators of the Month

BHT – Cindy Stanley is one of our valuable teaching assistants. She has emerged as a leader this year with a passion for improving our school climate for staff. Mrs. Stanley heads our Sunshine Committee and has planned several social events that have created opportunities for our staff to build relationships. She has also collaborated with local businesses to provide treats for our staff. Her leadership and dedication makes a difference at BHT!

Jones Intermediate School – Adrienne Murchland – Not only does she plan and organize our Innovation days, but she also brings innovation to our students daily. She is now running a monthly K’nex club with students across the school. She’s also doing a lot of work in STEAM classes with force and motion. Students are building simple machines with K’nex and testing them. K’nex Sets are uniquely designed to aid in the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math. They help teach today’s students key concepts by constructing real world models that reflect the changing world we live in.

MAMS – Sara George – Ms. George has been an active participant in the Innovation Squad. Recently she participated in a “Bug in the Ear” coaching session with Lee Hunter as part of her work with this squad. Ms. George also is an active participant in PLC’s and is willing and eager to try new ideas shared in these meetings. Ms. George is willing to think outside of the box to plan engaging, interactive lessons for her students and implements many formative assessment strategies to gauge progress and understanding.

MAHS – Livia Livengood has developed a pineapple chart that allows teachers to post what they are doing in class and inviting others to their rooms to see the great things that are going on in their classrooms.

Sabrina Moore – Sabrina has stepped up to help out the district in so many ways. She has done several long-term substitutions. In fact, she substituted in 3rd grade and ended up with some of the top academic performances in the state. She is currently helping us with AIG support. We are thankful for her expertise, flexibility and help in so many areas.

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The Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education is currently accepting letters of interest to fill a board vacancy.

Becoming a school board member in North Carolina is a high calling for those interested in public service. No greater service can one offer than to help set the course and direction of educating the future leaders of our society. Thus, the duties and responsibilities of being a board member cannot be taken lightly. Please visit our website for more information if you are interested.

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