CuRx Health October 2019 Newsletter Healthier Lives, Our Mission

EVENTS: Great day on Saturday 12th October at The Sheridan Suite for the ABMA North West GP Conference. Lovely meeting everyone! We are excited to see you all again at our own CPD event on the 20th November.


We feel it is important to give back therefore 5% of our company profit is donated to our charity organisation Ehsan Trust.

At Ehsan Trust, your donation is increased 1.7 times by the time it reaches people in need.

For information on how you can contribute please visit our charity website http://ehsancharity.org

STAFF TRAINING: This month our staff underwent First Aid Training. All our staff members are now fully trained in CPR, Severe Bleeding, Choking and Severe Burns.
AWARDS: This month we awarded two of our staff members Nazia and Leah awards for 'Dedication and Hard Work'


Here at CuRx we are always looking to strengthen our internal and external customer interfaces, streamline our operational efficiency to minimise response time and create a smooth experience for both patients and GP surgeries. This month CuRx have welcomed Dr Bashir our new sonographer and Christopher Hickey - our new digital marketing apprentice.


CuRx are looking forward to seeing a number of you at our CPD event on the 20th November 2019 at Phoenix City. We will be discussing CQC standards: Implications for general practice with guest speakers Rachael Duff and Richard Banyard. For more information or to sign up please contact our Marketing Specialist Leah via email leah.ferns@nhs.net.

"Thanks to all GP's for your support . We need one more piece of help from you . We see a high DNA (Did Not Attend) rate . If GP Surgeries can keep the patient demographic data up-to-date , it will really help us contact the patient faster and we all can collectively make a difference to reduce the DNA rate and so the patient can get the RIGHT care at the RIGHT time. Thanks for your continued support!" - Kamran Ehsan CEO CuRx Health


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