principal's address

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the end of Semester 1. In what has been a very difficult time for all, students have been incredibly resilient with all the changes and expectations on them. Please remember to have regular check-ins with your child to make sure they are OK. If you require support or advice, please contact our Student Services Team. We are available to help and support you and your family.

In line with the lifting of restrictions in other areas of our lives, school is also changing. Year Assemblies will again be held outdoors with the whole cohort together. The staggering of the start to recess and lunch is also going back to all year groups coming out at the same time. The biggest difference this term has been the absence of House Group time. This connection is something we have been keen to have back. House Groups started in the last two weeks of term and run for 15 minutes after recess.

School excursions and incursions are starting to operate again where it is safe to do so. Where possible, such as chess, these are moving online for the foreseeable future. Very few excursions have been cancelled, most have been postponed until Term 3 or 4. We are hopeful that by the start of Term 3 everything will be up and running.

Next term we will be moving to a new attendance and behaviour tracking system. Feedback from other schools indicates that initially we may have some issues as the new system has to send all data back to our school-based system. From this school-based system, all our attendance and messaging goes to parents. The longer term plan is for the new system to become a one-stop shop for parents; all attendance, behaviour, parent/teacher meetings and curriculum to be in one place.

In regards to School Reports, Year 11 and Year 12 were published on Monday 29 June. Year 7 to Year 10 will have the full comment with no grades and will be published on Thursday 2 July.

Finally, a reminder that Term 3 commences on Monday 20 July. Our pupil free day for Term Three is on Monday 24 August (Week 6).

Mr B. Wallwork, Principal


Dates to remember

Term 3 2020 - Week 1-4


year 7 winter sports carnival

With the easing of restrictions relating to managing COVID-19, plans are continuing for the chance to resume inter-school events. The Year 7 Winter Sports Carnival is scheduled to take place on Friday 7 August. The event has been outlined to students in Year 7 Physical Education classes. Teams offered include Boys AFL, Girls Netball, Boys and Girls Soccer and Boy and Girls Basketball. Students will have the choice to trial for one of the teams and be selected to attend the Carnival. This is not a compulsory event and classes will still run at school for those not attending the Carnival. Further information will come out early in Term 3 if the event goes ahead.

Shane Ellis, Head of Health and Physical Education



A True Australian Yarn

The Greatest Story You've probably never heard

It's 1932 and Australia is in the grip of the Great Depression. One in three workers are unemployed. Decrepit shanty towns hug the outskirts of the big cities. A scrawny rabbit caught in a trap will feed a family for a week. Country roads are filled with broken men walking from one farmhouse to another seeking menial jobs and food.

On the outskirts of the South Gippsland town of Leongatha, an injured farmer lies in bed unable to walk - or work. World War I hero Captain Leo Tennyson Gwyther is in hospital with a broken leg and the family farm is in danger of falling into ruins.

Up steps his son, nine-year-old Lennie.

With the help of his pony “Ginger Mick”, Lennie ploughs the farm's 24 paddocks and keeps the place running until his father can get back on his feet.

How to reward him?

Lennie has been obsessively following one of the biggest engineering feats of the era - the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He wants to attend its opening. With great reluctance, his parents agree he can go.

So Lennie saddles up Ginger Mick, packs a toothbrush, pyjamas, spare clothes and a water bottle into a sack, and begins the 1000+ kilometre trek to Sydney.


That's right.

A nine-year-old boy riding a pony from the deep south of Victoria to the biggest and roughest city in the nation.

Told you it was a different era.

No social media.

No mobile phones.

But even then it doesn't take long before word begins to spread about a boy, his horse and their epic trek.

The entire population of small country towns gather on their outskirts to welcome his arrival.

He survives bushfires, is attacked by a "vagabond" and endures rain, cold, and biting winds.

When he reaches Canberra he is welcomed by the Prime Minister Joseph Lyons, who invites him into Parliament House for tea.

When he finally arrives in Sydney, more than 10,000 people line the streets to greet him.

He is besieged by autograph hunters. He becomes a key part of the official parade at the bridge's opening. He and Ginger Mick are invited to make a starring appearance at the Royal Show. Even Donald Bradman, the biggest celebrity of the Depression era, requests a meeting and gives him a signed cricket bat.

A letter writer to The Sydney Morning Herald at the time gushes that "just such an example as provided by a child of nine summers, Lennie Gwyther was, and is, needed to raise the spirit of our people and to fire our youth and others to do things - not to talk only."

"The sturdy pioneer spirit is not dead ... let it be remembered that this little lad, when his father was in hospital, cultivated the farm - a mere child."

When Lennie leaves Sydney for home a month later, he has become one of the most famous figures in a country craving uplifting news.

Large crowds wave handkerchiefs. Women weep and shout "goodbye". According to The Sun newspaper, "Lennie, being a casual Australian, swung into the saddle and called 'Toodleloo!'".

He finally arrives home to a tumultuous reaction in Leongatha.

He returns to school and soon life for Lennie - and the country -returns to normal.

These days you can find a bronze statue in Leongatha commemorating Lennie and Ginger Mick.

But Australia has largely forgotten his remarkable feat - and how he inspired a struggling nation.

Never taught about him in school?

Never heard of him before?

Spread the word.

We need to remember - and celebrate - Lennie Gwyther and his courageous journey.

It's a great story!

Author: Garry Linnell


Website article: The New Daily

URL: https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2020/06/03/garry-linnell-jyoti-kumari/

If you have enjoyed it click on the two buttons below for articles on this story.

Miles Nelson, Teacher of English



Leeming and the Chocolate Factory

Is there any better way to learn about Economics than with chocolate? In fact, a whole factory of chocolate was the focus for Year 7 HASS students developing their understanding of fundamental economic concepts. Four factors of chocolate production included Oompa Loompa labour, cocoa beans, amazing machines and the eccentric entrepreneur managing them all- Willy Wonka himself. From the flow of income between the Bucket household and Wonka Chocolate business to the hilariously scary pitfalls of product development, Year 7 students came up with delightfully visible posters to display their new learning. Like the opportunity cost of a golden ticket, the hardest part for students was narrowing down their economics choices to eight.

An illustrated History of Year 12

A Year 12 Modern History student collaboration utilising visible learning techniques has allowed them to condense a Semester’s worth of historical horror into one epic illustrated scroll. Red Revolution and diabolical dictatorships, inspirational idealists leading to clashing ideologies and changing world orders. And of course, The War to end all Wars: Part II. How to illustrate all this idealism and horror, hope and despair? History students rose to the challenge admirably. But how will they fare next term with Cold War Superpowers’ arms race and space race? Only time will tell....

My perfect learning pathway

Presenters from an interesting variety of professions have inspired Careers and Enterprise (C&E) students over the term with their weekly talks about their own unique vocational pathways. Now C&E students are ready to start planning their own personal learning pathways towards what they want their future lives to look like.

This approach has required a re-imagining of traditional Careers and Enterprise by their teacher Ms Bunch, starting from what students want to achieve in their lives and then to backward plan through a variety of jobs, based on strategic skills and learning. Ms Bunch explained how this new focus on development of transferable skills and learning to be flexible, is especially important in the rapidly changing world of technology and uncertainty under the shadow of COVID. More than ever students will need this clear idea of their plan to achieve both a fulfilling career and life. And it all starts here - with Leeming SHS Careers and Enterprise.

Rosalind Murray, HASS Teacher



Education Perfect World Languages Competition

In May, Leeming SHS students competed in the Language Perfect World Championships. Leeming placed 5th in the state out of the schools competing in the Japanese stream of the competition, and 18th for French, which is an excellent achievement. Our students spent a combined 341 hours online and answered 282,704 questions. In addition, 45 of our students received an award for their participation.

A special mention goes to two of our students, Elise H. and Aelan T., who placed in the top 0.2% of 181,000 competitors from around the world.

The following students are also to be congratulated for achieving Emerald Certificates, which means they earned more than 5,000 points in the competition.

  1. Zoe T. - Emerald Certificate
  2. Yi-Lin T. - Emerald Certificate
  3. Kai Ling T. - Emerald Certificate
  4. Xiang C. - Emerald Certificate

Well done to all of our competitors.

みなさん、よくがんばりましたね。Félicitations à tous les participants

Multicultural Festival Languages’ Competitions

As part of the Multicultural Festival celebrations, which will be held in Week 2 of Term 3, the Languages Department is inviting students to participate in the below competitions. For more information, please refer to the competition guidelines or speak to your Languages teacher. We look forward to your entries.

Hello from Japan

Sadly, our language assistant, Emi, had to return to Japan abruptly at the end of last term. But a couple of weeks ago she made a surprise “visit” to our Year 10 Japanese class via Webex.

During the Webex session, students asked Emi about the school rules in Japan. Some of the rules that surprised them were:

  1. You may sleep in class during the lesson.
  2. You may not travel to school by bicycle.
  3. You may not have a part-time job.
  4. You may not wear accessories at school.
Hiragana Belt Recipients

One of the biggest hurdles for learners of Japanese is mastering the written script. The Hiragana Belts program is a self-paced program where students are assessed on their ability to read words of increasing difficulty in Japanese. This term, an additional five students have achieved all of their Hiragana belts. This is an excellent achievement. おめでとう (Congratulations) to:

  • Pei Shan K.
  • Winne J.
  • Macayla S.
  • Lilly T.
  • Maddison R.

Ms Burrows, Japanese Specialist Coordinator



As an interesting term draws to a close, the Library has gradually resumed many of its activities

Displays for this term have promoted wide range of resources to students. National Reconciliation Week was at the end of May and we have also had displays promoting new resources and genres in the Library.

The Manga collection is becoming more and more popular with students, as are the Graphic Novels. New genres are proving to be quite popular as well – particularly Dystopian and Steam Punk Fiction.

It is encouraging to see the students reading more and they are also borrowing quite heavily from the Fiction eBook Collections.

The fantastic thing about the ebooks is that if students request a book and we don’t have it, we can upload the ebook for them straight away. We have the Wheelers ePlatform collection as well as several Kindles available to borrow.

Virtual Chess Club

The Virtual Chess Club has bee running on a Wednesday after school in preparation for the Regional Tournament at the end of term.

Some students headed home and then joined in online competing against the students in the Library.


On Friday 26 June our Chess Club players competed in the Melville Virtual Interschool Chess Tournament against 6 other schools and placed second with a score of 18. It was an interesting competition which took place via Zoom and a Chess website.


Most students are in the habit of bringing their devices to school on a daily basis, which is excellent. If a student’s device has previously not worked on the school network, please bring it in to the Library to see if we can get it connected. There have been a lot of upgrades to the network and old issues are being rectified easily.

Borrow a book and enjoy reading it in the July break!

Ms Steel, Library Teacher


the arts


In Week 4 of Term 2 we held our Senior Recital. This showcased the best of what our school has to offer in music, and students completed performances to compliment studies in ATAR Music and Certificate II Music programs.


I would also like to make mention of the achievements of one of our Year 12 performers, Beth R. Beth has just released an EP which you can find online. If you have Spotify, this is the link to her EP. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6rJWUI0Q4hzwuKbT35eqvx?si=ZfvxFkLATUKc4T4SnLxfQQ

This is a great feat for a student still completing her schooling, and I encourage you to have a listen. We are very proud to have Beth as a student at our school, and particularly within our Certificate II Music Industry Program. If you haven't seen Beth performing at one of our recitals, make sure you do as time is running out!

Recently, Certificate II Music students had the opportunity to have an online chat with a legitimate rock star and former Leeming Senior High School student, Kevin Mitchell. Kevin found fame with his band Jebediah, and has had a resurgence in his career as "Bob Evans". Kevin talked about the Arts Industry, taking creative risks, finding inspiration, and composing. Although Kevin lived in Perth in his younger years he is now based in Melbourne.

Gordon Ryder, Music Teacher

Year 10 Music Compositions

This term our Year 10 Music students have been busy creating compositions for a Chamber Music Ensemble for three instruments. They could choose from either Flute, Clarinet in Bb and Cello or Clarinet in Bb, Violin and Cello. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to all the compositions and I am so proud of our students. Our students are growing in their understanding of how the magic of vertical alignment of chords works together with horizontal melodic lines. Music is the jigsaw puzzle we hear and when it fits together, it is truly musical magic. Congratulations to all our Year 10 Music students for their commitment, perseverance, creative flair and for their wonderful compositions. There were some outstanding compositions. Congratulations to the following student: Elisha, Kai Ling, Syrus, Pei Le, Meysam, Jenaya, Quan and Daniel. Mr. Ryder will be setting up a 2020 soundcloud where we will all be able to enjoy listening to these selected compositions as well as others from Year 8 shortly.

Junior Concert Band

Junior Concert Band is an ensemble of 42 members and they have been rehearsing together throughout this term. Due to the large numbers on the ensemble, rehearsals earlier this term took the form of smaller group sectionals. This was interesting having small groups of students rehearse together in different locations throughout the Performing Arts building. The students really got to know each other and who belonged to which section. As restrictions lifted, sectionals grew to woodwind, brass and percussion. This was in some ways a little more challenging as students really needed to listen more carefully and try to balance and blend more with each other. Finally we were able to have a full ensemble rehearsal and the cheers I think could be heard all over Leeming! What joy and what bliss to be all together again! The smiles were big and the sound was grand! The band has had two new instruments added – the Bass Clarinet taken on by Nick C and the Tenor Saxophone played by Parker M. Thank you to these two students for taking on these fantastic instruments on top of their original instrument of choice. The band is continually welcoming new students who are demonstrating they are ready to play and to all the other students who are aren’t quite ready yet, keep working, as we can’t wait for you to come and join us. This week, the Junior Concert Band welcomed Mrs Caron Walker to conduct a Master Class. Ms Walker is a well-respected, experienced clarinet teacher and conductor within the Western Australian Department of Education and currently conducting Wind Ensembles at Churchlands Senior High School. Mrs Walker has toured with school concert bands throughout Europe and enjoyed working with her, picking up some wonderful tips for our Junior Ensemble.

Mrs Marietta Damos, Music Teacher



The Science and Technology Academy- An Approved Specialist Program

Term 1 Challenge results

Once after-school activities could resume, the Term 1 Mouse Trap Car Challenge was underway.

The winners of the competition are as follows:

Best Design Winner is...

Luca K. Congratulations!

Mouse Trap Car Challenge

Term 2 Challenge

This term STA members have been working on a research project on a famous scientist. This challenge links to the Science as a Human Endeavour strand of the West Australian Curriculum. The research project included, a short biography about the scientist to include brief information about their early life, information about their discovery and how they made their discovery and examples of how their ideas and discoveries are applied in modern science today. Students who have participated in this challenge should submit their work to their Science teacher.

The STEM Literacy Challenge

As part of a plan to develop students’ literacy skills and personal interest in a few of the many branches of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), all STA members are expected to participate in the STEM Literacy Challenge. In this challenge students read a STEM news article of interest to them, and use of the scaffolding templates available on Connect to summarise the key themes and ideas presented in the article. Students then collate the articles and summarise it in a scrapbook or folder.

Participation in the STEM Literacy Challenge will broaden student engagement in current issues in STEM, and develop their ability to analyse text for deeper understanding. STA points are awarded for each of the articles recorded and summarised in the scrapbook. Students can complete up to one article analysis per week, 10 articles per term. Completion of this task will attract up to 50 points per term. Scrap books are submitted in the last week of term for review and the award of STA points

Term 3 Challenge: Leeming Science Week

Next term STA members are invited to participate in the Term 3 Challenge which is to design and undertake a science investigation. Students can attend after-school workshops to design their experiments in small groups, collect their data and analyse their results to draw conclusions. The work will be presented in poster form and displayed in the library during Leeming Science Week towards the end of Term 3. This is an opportunity to develop Science Inquiry Skills; to plan a fair and valid experiment, evaluate and analyse data. Workshops will take place on Tuesdays from Week 2, Term 3.

Mind Mash coding and robotics program

Due to COVID-19 the Mind Mash Coding Program had to be postponed until Term 3. Year 8 students will be invited to participate in this program on Thursday afternoons commencing in Week 4 of Term 3 in the library from 3-4.30 pm. The program will be facilitated by Mr Peter Atkinson from Mind Mash who specialises in the delivering, coding and robotics programs, across all year levels, using the EV3 Lego MindStorm robots. Mind Mash brings STEM alive for school-aged children, with modern, fun and energetic programs.

Year 9 Murdoch University Soils Program

Over the first three weeks of Term 3, Year 9 STA classes will be participating in a series of workshops facilitated by the Murdoch OutReach team. During this program, students will explore the properties and functions of soils. This program will run alongside the normal WA Science curriculum for two periods per week across Weeks 1-3 and will provide students with an enriching educational experience.


Student Services

On Wednesday 10 June a Connect message was sent to Year 9 parents in regards to the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA). If you missed the message please read the letter below or check your Connect messages.

On Thursday 11 June a Connect message was sent to Year 10 parents in regards to the Year 11 Subject Selection process. If you missed the message please read the letter below or check directly on your Connect messages.

Information for Year 10 students making subject requests for Year 11 in 2021


design and Technology

This term our students have been involved in providing a solution to a variety of design problems, such as Desk Storage Units, Lolly Dispensers, iPhone Amplifier Systems and high quality Jewelry Boxes. This involved following specific design criteria which included research, sketches of ideas to culminating with a solution to the design problem.

The students utilised a range of materials, timbers and timber finishes in their construction and judging by the smiles on their faces it was an obvious accomplishment and they were happy to take it home!

Alf Wegmermer, Design and Technology


Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment Can Often Be Worse Than In Person

Cyberbullying and online harassment can get out of hand really fast. Even if it is not the intention of the bullier to escalate the situation, the ease of posting, reposting, and fanning the flames means the situation can easily grow much larger than anyone ever suspected it could. What’s more, oftentimes these posts stay there forever, an archived reminder of hatred and spite. There are often refrains of “just turn off the computer and walk away!”

There is no "reset" button in life...You can't take anything back. And you can't undo anything... All of your actions have consequences... and the things you say and do today will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. You have to understand that... and you have to be aware of it while making your decisions... so think before you type or post comments and images .

Carl the Chaplain


I would like to highlight the eSaftey commissioner website. esafety.gov.au. I encourage you to look it up today. This site is an excellent source of information with tabs on items such as Key Issues, Educators,Kids,Young People, Parents,Women and Seniors.

As young people I encourage you to look at this, be up-skilled and better informed. As parents, view and become informed by looking at the content together with your children. Talk about safety and keeping strong established boundaries. Approaching these issues on a daily basis with accountability, care and curiosity.

If you or your child is experiencing any form of online abuse you might find these numbers helpful:

  1. Parents Help Line - 1800 654 432
  2. Kids Help Line - 1800 551 800

To help you be better informed I have included some safety tips for online incidents.

We are here to support you to be better informed

Bettina Carter, School Chaplain



Hi Parents/ Guardians, It has been a busy Term 2 with staff and students returning to school post COVID-19 and obeying the health rules and regulations regarding COVID-19. I congratulate all staff and students for their support and attention to this and wish all staff, students and families a safe, healthy and relaxing holiday. See you next term all rejuvenated and rested


In the wake of COVID -19, staying healthy and protecting loved ones feels more imperative than ever right now. Here is some advice from Pharmacist Julie Tran on staying protected this flu season

What steps can people be taking to prevent the flu?

Stay hydrated, eating a healthy diet, keeping healthy physically and mentally during this flu season to maximise the body’s immunity.

Here are some points which may help:

  • Remind your child to cover his/her nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and to wash hands straight afterwards
  • Hands should be washed after blowing noses and before eating.
  • Use tissues once and then throw them in the bin. (Avoid using handkerchiefs.)
  • Keep your child home from school if he/she has a cold/cough/fever/pain.
  • Make sure that your children eat a balanced diet of plenty of healthy foods.
  • Keep children away from smoke – it irritates their eyes and nasal passages, making it more likely that they will catch a cold.

A lot has been said about this year about getting the flu shot. Why is this such an important part of prevention and protection from the seasonal flu?

It is the most important measure you can take to prevent seasonal influenza. One major complication of the flu is that your body’s ability to shield itself from COVID-19 is dramatically reduced. So by protecting yourself your body as healthy as possible to combat COVID-19 as best as you can.

Deb Kitak, School Nurse


The Leeming Dental Centre will be closed for the 2 weeks of the school holidays. In a Dental Emergency from the 6th of July, please phone, 8 am- 4 pm, Monday to Friday: Caralee DTC on 9337 6818. They will re-open on Monday 20 July at 8.15 am. For afterhours emergencies, please call: 1800 098 818.




Our next Newsletter will be published in Term 3, Week 5 2020.


Created with images by tommy boudreau - "Basketball court" • Library of Congress - "Japanese lantern on the Potomac River Tidal Basin during spring cherry blossom season, Washington, D.C. Color transparency by Carol M. Highsmith, [between 1980 and 2006]. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division. https://www.loc.gov/resource/highsm.16055/" • Rebecca - "Yellow Wattle | Australian Native Flowers" • Gradienta - "Fearless Hue" • Joanna Kosinska - "Minimal pencils on yellow" • fancycrave1 - "creativity idea inspiration"