Own my Career By: Ben Cranston

Who: I want to work for the people who run Cheesecake Factory.

What: I want to be the head chef here, I'm pretty sure that chefs don't make that much a year but I want to make it a famous restaurant so I want to be making $90,000- $100,000 a year. I would have a Culinary arts degree for this job.

Where: I was working at a restaurant called Thai Garden. I got all the basic experience for being a host or bus boy, but I still need more experience with handling and cooking food.

When: There is not really a specific time when they hire but I was reading some interview reviews from people who tried getting a job there. They said that it was a fairly easy interview and that not much experience is needed. However for the position I am going for I will need more experience than that of a regular employee would need, the experience that I don't have yet, but will achieve.

Why: I've always been interested with food and how to cook it, probably because I love eating it so much. I really don't know if it would be a good choice for me or not, I have never been a chef before. But with the experience I have with cooking at home and in big quantities for family events like a birthday party, I seem to really enjoy cooking.

How: From the interviews I read about getting a job here, it seems like it would be fairly easy. Although it would have to be after I have had a little experience at another restaurant first.

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