Annual Report

Message from the President

This year has provided us all with an extraordinary example of the strength of our human genetics and genomics community. Despite unprecedented challenges, our community continues to advance genetics and genomics and its application to improve health and serve society.

Anthony Wynshaw-Boris, MD, PhD


ASHG is the leading professional scientific membership organization for human genetics and genomics professionals in the world. Our members include researchers, clinicians, genetic counselors, and others who have a special interest in human genetics and genomics research.

"One thing that separates ASHG from other societies is how approachable the senior leaders are towards junior members."

Dwi U. Kemaladewi, PhD

2019 ASHG Membership At-A-Glance

Annual Meeting

The ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas attracted 8.409 of researchers, clinicians, genetic counselors, and exhibitors to discuss the latest research and exciting new technologies and tools, and spark collaborations that advance the field.

  • 8.409 Attendees from 80 Countries
  • 467 Scientific Presentations
  • 3,111 Posters & 298 Exhibiting Companies

New Networking Events

  • Excellence in Genetics Awards Reception
  • Diversity Reception
  • Career Fair
2019 ASHG Career Fair


The American Journal of Human Genetics

Known for its scientific excellence and rigor, The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG) is one of the leading journals in the field of genetics and genomics with a 2019 impact factor of 10.5.

Human Genetics and Genomics Advances

Opening for submissions in May 2020, ASHG’s new fully open access journal Human Genetics and Genomics Advances (HGG Advances) allows for the rapid dissemination of cutting-edge, high-impact research across the breadth of human genetics that is immediately accessible to researchers and the science-interested public.


Since 1962, ASHG has honored outstanding member research and professional service through annual Society awards.

Congrats 2019 ASHG Awardees!

Diversity & Inclusion

ASHG is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion of the genetics and genomics research workforce and engagement of underrepresented groups as participants in genetics and genomics research studies. In January 2020, ASHG released a Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement defining specific areas for attention in the next five years.

Human Genetics Scholars Initiative

Launching in summer 2019 with valued support from NHGRI, Biogen, and Color, the Human Genetics Scholars Initiative (HGSI) supports the professional success of diverse early-career genetics and genomics researchers. The program provides Scholars with year-round education, networking, and mentoring and works to develop a community of researchers and leaders committed to workforce diversity and inclusion at their institutions.

2019-2020 Human Genetics Scholars with ASHG leaders and funder representatives at the 2019 Diversity Reception

Expansion of Developing Country Awards

In partnership with NHGRI, H3Africa, and PerkinElmer Genomics, ASHG expanded our existing Developing Country Awards program to support the attendance of 37 early career researchers from developing countries with low- and lower-middle income economies at the ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting.

2019 Developing Country Award recipients and ASHG leaders at the 2019 Diversity Reception

Digital Programs

In 2019-2020, ASHG greatly expanded our offerings of year-round digital programming including webinars and recorded content from the Annual Meeting - connecting the human genetics and genomics community with the latest scientific advances and career development resources throughout the year.

Career Development

ASHG provides in-person and digital events and resources to advance the careers of our members as genetics and genomics professionals, including:

  • ASHG Careers & Career Fair
  • Professional Development Sessions
  • Charles Epstein Trainee Awards
  • ASHG/NHGRI Early-Career Fellowships

Epstein Trainee Award finalist presenting a research poster at the first-ever Excellence in Genetics Awards Reception

Advocacy & Policy

ASHG speaks out on behalf of the human genetics and genomics community – writing perspectives on the implications of genetics and genomics discoveries; calling for Congress to invest in research; and promoting evidence-based policies that benefit science, personal and public health, and society at large.

ASHG Advocates, Grace Kwon (left) and Emily Davenport (right) participating in the 2019 Rally for Medical Research

Perspectives: To address and foster discussion about the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetics and genomics research, ASHG published three statements this past year on reproductive choice and research, advocating for research, and advancing research and privacy.

Congressional Communication: This past year, ASHG and ACMG partnered to educate Congress and their staff about topics and issues in the field. The Society also submitted letters and testimony to policymakers on public investment in research, strengthening diversity in STEM, anti-Asian discrimination, and opposing gene patenting.

Public Engagement

ASHG actively engages the public in learning more about their genomes and exploring the benefits and implications of genetics and genomics for society-at-large. In 2019 and 2020, the Society continued and expanded our efforts to engage the community through:

  • Enhanced social media engagement
  • Launch of ENGAGE newsletter for members
  • 2020 DNA Day Essay Contest for high schoolers
  • Survey on public perceptions of genetics research
2020 DNA Day Essay Contest Winners


In fiscal year 2020, ASHG's finances remained sound, despite volatile markets and first months of the pandemic, thanks to support from members, donors, and funders; forward-thinking volunteer leaders; strong program execution, and seasoned investment advisors. Including all sources, revenue totaled ~$8.0 million and expenses ~$7.5 million, producing an increase in net assets of ~$500,000.

Preliminary revenue and expense categories and percentages for fiscal year 2020

Partners, Donors, & Volunteers

ASHG thanks those organizations and individuals who collaborate with, contribute to, and volunteer for the Society. Together, we can advance the field and support the success of the genetics and genomics research community so that people everywhere benefit from human genetics and genomics research.

2019-2020 ASHG Contributing Partners

For a full list of 2019-2020 Partners, Donors, and Volunteers download the full annual report.