Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural Arts by Shantanu Gulgule

Nature oN DISPLAY:

Where the frogs at?

A part of the museum that I really liked and was captivated by was the place where they kept all the frogs. It was amazing to see so many different species of frogs in the same room. It taught me how diverse nature is, and how evolution helps different species live in a more stable manner in their habitats. Some of the frogs could camouflage into their surroundings, while some could poison predators. We are so small, in front of nature's intricacy. The information provided about the fogs was very helpful too, thereby making the experience of observing nature interesting and worthwhile.

Nature and Ethics:

This wild mammoth shows how nature can create animals with tremendous strength. It got me to think about how mankind has been hunting down animals that are as big as this one. Poaching has led to animals becoming endangered, and some even extinct! Man must remember that nature has provided him with intelligence, so that he can use the resources around him for his own benefit. We must not abuse this advantage. There are certain ethics that exist when it comes to dealing with nature. Since we are superior to the rest of the species in nature, we must follow these ethics. We must live, and let live.

Nature and the human spirit:

The shell wall exhibit helped me to step outside my ordinary perspective and consider myself in the context of the larger world around us. Because of the vast geological timeline, There is so much beyond what I have experienced, and countless other organisms of every kind that have lived on this planet. I was overcome by the contrast between my own small experience and the vast, enduring world around me. I felt connected to something much larger than myself. Even though there is so much beyond myself, I am still a part of the Earth's history, playing a role in this awesome and mysterious world.

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