My first word is architect is a person who designs and make plans for buildings.

I wish I was an architect.

my next word is bronze it is a dark brown alloy of copper and tin often used for sculptures and for medals

i have a bronze medal.

cannon means a big gun mounted on a base or wheelś.

I have a cannon.

water cannon ;{ )

Achieved means to carry out to a successful end.

The parade was successful and we felt like we achieved something. 

he done homework

depressed means gloomy low spirited or sad.

I was depressed when my fish died.


fashioned means to make shape or form.

the shape fashioned.


My next word is midst it means in the middle of 

I am in the middle of the crowd.

middle of picture

philosopher means a person who attempts to discover and understand the basic nature of knowledge and reality.

I want to be a philosopher.

my last word is rival it means a person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another.

Me and my sister rival.

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Austin Adkins


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