The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt By Miguel Arroyo-Green Section

Spatial Experience

I have been through the Reitz Union Building countless number of times, but never notices that there was a theater inside it. I was surprised to see how many students the theater could hold. It made the play feel as a community experience as

I was seated in the third row from the stage. This made the experience very different from seeing a movie since I had to turn my body to see the actors walk on and off the stage.

Space plays an important part in the Good Life since every event people take part in occur in some sort of space. Being aware of space and understanding the role it has on our experience can help us better experience the Good Life.

Social Experience

I went to the play by self, but lucky I found people I knew and I sat with them during the play. Talking with other people there before the play and during the intermission helped me understand how other people experienced the play.

Having shared experiences is an important part of the Good Life since it allows us to better understand other perspectives and viewpoints.

Cultural/ Intellectual Experience

The play dealt with the issues of authority, the role of art, and the value of truth. The play really surprised me by not being about the titular character and instead about the social dilemmas that were occurring in the city see visited. It used the theater as a method to present these problems to masses it help enact change in the city. This helped changed how I viewed the theater since I always saw it as something meant for the elite and would only appeal to them. Instead it showed it has relevance to the common person.

Emotional Experience

I have never been to a professional level play before so I was very excited to see what makes it different from other forms of media. The play provides a sense of katharsis by how it allow people to see the human interaction with the environment and other people. This interaction playing out on stage allows people to examine and reflect on our own interactions and maybe enact some social change. This experience really emphasis the importance of the theater in society.

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