Poetry Unit Interactive pinterest activity

Today we will be starting our poetry unit, where all of you will have the chance to pick a favorite poem of yours and share it with the class. After sharing yours, you can then read your classmates favorite poems and share ideas and thoughts about one others work.

  • Before getting started on the assignment, I would like you to first review the two websites below in order to familiarize yourselves with the definition of poetry, and the different types of poetry.

TASK: The idea of this project is to understand what a poem is, and to allow for open interpretation and discussion of various poems and meanings.


1. First go to our class Blog Board and choose your favorite poem to add to the interactive board.

2. After choosing your favorite poem, and pinning it to the board, then go to our class Google Doc page where you will contribute to the class discussion.

3. Now, enter the title and author of the poem you chose, and then explain why you chose your poem, and what the meaning is to you.

4. Then you will have the opportunity to comment on AT LEAST 2 of your classmates posts and give your interpretation of the meaning of their poem.

CONCLUSION: Hopefully, after this activity, you will understand what a poem is, how it can be written, and how each person can interpret it in a different way.

EVALUATION: 100 point scale

(25 Points) - Picking a unique poem and uploading it to our Blog Board

(25 Points) - Interpreting your poem in the Google Doc

(50 Points: 25 each) - Relying to two classmates posts

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