The mithical world of Greek Motholgy. #Artemis By Jane and Emily

Artemis is the goddess of hunting. Her parents were Zues and Leto. Artemis was born on an island because Hera didn't like Leto (her mother). She was a very good hunter. She caught four deer in one hunt. Some people say "you have the hunting skills of Artemis". Artemis has a twin brother. her twin brother was Apollo. When people mocked her family her and her brother didn't take it lightly. They either will hurt the person or they will kill the person. Artemis was also very greedy. She got whatever she wanted from her dad Zues. She even got a montian all to herself and an enchanted bow. Artemis got jelouse very esily. Sometimes people will even say "you'r as jelouse as Artemis". One time a guy named Actaeon thought he was better than her so she turned him into a stag well he was hunting with his killer dogs. When his killer dogs saw him they chased him to the water and killed him. She is kind of like a villan because she kills people, but she is mostly a godess that is good. The first allusion is that she was the protector of the young. That means to be protective. Another alusion is her arrows. They're so poisonous hey could kill a cyclops. The third alusion is her hunting skills. they are to good to be true. The last alusion is Her ability to get animals to love her.

The protector of all young
lucky dear

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