This webpage is all about anti cyber-bullying, because this action needs to stop!

People from all around the world are being cyber-bullied ,they get sad and angry because of this and this makes some of them release their anger or sadness on others but its not their fault that this happens ,its the bully's.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyber-bullying is a type of bullying that happens online,which can occur when someone says something or shows something that makes another upset.


Harassment is a type of cyber-bullying that happens when a person tells someone a mean or rude message that makes the victim sad or embarassed it usually occurs when someone sends a message around the internet that people see and start calling names or physically abuse the victims.


Exclusions happens when lets say a group of friends are playing a game of fortnite and their other class mate wants to join but they don't let him/her join then they start talking about that person mabye calling names behind their backs but the ultimate conclusion of this is that they are forgeting someone and never letting them join in.


Masquerading happens when someone bullies someone else on a fake name/account, or when impersonating someone else when that person is not guilty. The anonymous bully will send disturbing messages or just say things like,"pig face,"or,"you need plastic surgery because your face is ugly." They do this because they don't want to bully someone with others knowing who they are, they want to be secret so they can't get in trouble.


Outing is a type of cyber-bullying because it is sharing maybe pictures that you might find embarrassing or they are inappropriate for others eyes. And the person does not have consent from the other person in the picture which as a fact is illegal .Sharing personal information like the victims address or bank password or maybe even their names is also outing.


Flaming happens when a person sends a rude email and you start fighting online like sending emails that might offend the other person ,but actually if you think about it both flamers are bullies because ,they are both bullying each other and maybe even the others family members.

ADVICE on what you should do

- Don't retaliate because that's what the bully wants, to show that you have been hurt by the message.

-Tell someone about it that you can trust.

-Don't ever ever get used to it.

-Block the chats or accounts where your getting bullied on.

-Delete the account if someone is bullying you.


56% of young people online are getting bullied .42% have felt unsafe, alot of girls are getting cyber-bullied .1 /3 of kids get bullied .It happens 24 hours every day .7 days a week and it can go viral very fast.

#lets stop cyber-bullying together!

#" Don't be influenced by others ,believe in yourself"


By Albert Year 5

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