Public Sector Workforce In the age of the digital citizen

According to BLS Data less than 2% of the total civilian workforce work in the Federal government today, as a share of the total workforce the Federal Civilian Workforce is smaller than it has been 70 years.* Digital transformation can be a force multiplier, training and development, streamlined processes, newer technologies and analytics can all help drive innovation and efficiency.

*Washington Post wonkblog 1/29/17

Close to 30% of the Federal workforce are at retirement eligible, and agency leaders are working to address retention and skills gaps.

Building a culture of inclusion requires a human capital and training strategy that echoes an articulate employee value proposition. Through word of mouth, storytelling, and content marketing you can turn employees into brand ambassadors to attract candidates and recognize top performers who can engage key stakeholders to opt-in to your mission.

Search engines, social media, and mobile app solutions are driving down costs. Considering 46% of all traffic on monster comes from a mobile device; recruitment marketing and employer branding specialists can be more creative in reaching talent. Meanwhile recruiting and staffing teams strive to be timely and responsive. Digital outreach can be easier and tools like Talent Bin by Monster can help both groups to be more strategic and deliberate in driving traffic to your careers website or vacancy announcements. You have options, try premium job ads, postings via pay-per-click, or even our social job ads or twitter cards to automate some of the tedious tasks as social and mobile media continue to converge. Ask your monster government solutions rep about mobile tactics to support your diversity , veterans and campus outreach efforts.
Quality, Quantity, Cost of Personnel and Managing Transformation may be the four levers in HR today according to the Boston Consulting Group. Building on these three pillars with an outcomes based approach can make all the difference.
Mission critical roles should be exempt from the hiring freeze but continued talent pipeline building efforts across Cyber, Public Health, and Technical fields requires new sourcing tools, people aggregators, periodic emails to message and connect with prospective candidates.
The Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite Applicant Tracking System is used in 14 of 15 Cabinet Level Agencies. Let us help you make sense of all this data with Real Time Labor Intelligence, Assessments, Onboarding, and Position Classification solutions designed with security and compliance in mind to address a full candidate lifecycle, and user centered approach.
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