Donna Osborn hailey STORCK

Ethos- In Kim Lenore statement she is a expert in "Battered Women Syndrome" and says Donna was physical abused and mentally. What Donna did was all in self-defense. Also Donna called the hotlines three times claiming abuse and told the operator she feared something bad would happen to her. Clinton broke her arm and also hit her head multiple times. But Clinton begged her not to tell and told her it would never happen again. Which was lie because it happened at least a dozen times.

Logos- The body was found to be shot in the back and had two bullet wounds. Where he got shot he died within two minutes. Donna acted upon the circumstances of self-defense in which she felt that Clinton was going to harm her and kill her. Clinton was about to use deadly physical force against Donna.

Pathos- Clinton would physical and mentally abuse Donna multiple times. He broke her arm,rib and caused several head injures. Clinton mom even claimed that her husband would hit her because he was "stressed". That is never excuse to hit a women. Jack talked to her on the phone a couple weeks before the murder and she had a trembling voice and she was scared for her life. But the saddest thing of all is Donna and her mother-in law saw her son hitting a stuff animal calling it a "bitch,whore". Everyone knows that kids watch what their parents do and copy them.

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