2016 PORTFOLIO By: Alecsandra Lacsamana

This image is one of the first I have ever created in Photoshop. It consists of contrasts and a blend in order to make the picture even more realistic. Here, I became educated on how to work certain tools and shift images to combine more than one picture.
In this particular image, I learned how to crop out a large image in order to create a new background filled with fireworks. Here, I learned how to utilize value in the art itself. In the end, both the images are the same color whereas in the beginning, the structure was blue and bright.
In this image, I learned how to expand the texture allowing the image to remain the same. In addition, I learned how to utilize different tools like "brush sets" and apply them to the vehicle.
From the different comic covers to choose from, I chose this one because of the hectic scene it portrays. Here, the coloring of the images has to be precise in addition to blending the coloring in the multiple drawings.
In honor of Halloween, transforming an average home into a haunted house was exciting and not at all challenging. In this image, I became knowledgeable in applying effects such as fog, rain, and light in the picture. Later, I applied what looks like light coming from the windows in the haunted house.
During the surrealism unit, I decided to portray my own interpretation of Mother Nature. Here, I utilized an element of art-- form, to include a shadow of my friend Hannah roaming in the beautiful forest.
Learning how to master the paintbrush effect in photoshop was one of the easiest and most subtle tools I love to incorporate in my art. In both these images, I was able to insert a view and alter it into a painting rather than a clear photograph.
I was always fascinated by the many superheroes therefore I created a picture combing all of them. In Photoshop, I selected a picture of a wave, turned it red, and later warped it. Then, I inserted scratches in the image and later put png images of 6 superheroes.
This image shows a man pushing men off a snow mountain. Here, I selected various png images and a background that I then hued resulting in a comedic image.
This picture portrays the various images of Mario in Super Mario. Years ago I was obsessed with the Nintendo game and I wanted to show the many phases the drawing of Mario had. When combining these, I used PNG's, and warped the background image then painted it blue.
This photograph brings the sudden element of value. The colors white and black are seen allowing the viewer to understand the varying levels of contrast.
Here shows the significance of scale in art. When taken this image, the buildings provide a relating size to a constant, such as cars, humans, and trees.
Here is Whistler Mountain, taken from the top of a ski lift. In this image, a viewer can fully understand "space" is shown as an element of art because of the far perspective of the trees and electrical cables.
I took this picture of the Lions Gate Bridge and completely fell in love with the view. The foggy atmosphere brought light to the beauty of the bridge enhancing its beautiful colors and surroundings. This picture puts emphasis on the famous bridge in Canada allowing the viewer to understand its significance and structure.
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Alecsandra Lacsamana

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