Time Management and Self study EXHIBIT 2

Semester plan

Weekly plan

Daily plan

With my daily plan Ilearn to built in plans on my phone and calendar. Just because I have my phone on me all the time I can quick add or remove items I had plan. I learn to use color codes to organize what items that is important to me or not important to me. I plan like a map. When following a plan, I can always see how much I have progressed towards my project goal and how far I am from my destination. Knowing where I am is essential for making good decisions on where to go or what to do next. I either spend much time on deciding what to do next, or I will take many unnecessary, unfocused, and inefficient steps. Planning is also crucial for me to meet my needs during each action step with my time, money, or other resources. With careful planning I can see at some point I am likely to face a problem. It is much easier for me to adjust my plan to avoid or smoothen a coming crisis, rather than to deal with the crisis when it comes unexpected


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