CAMPUS FRANCE INNOVATION IN POLICY LEADERS COHORT Take part in an innovative program in Toulouse, France

The Innovation in Policy Leaders Program will be launched by Campus France in Toulouse in the summer of 2018. It is designed to inspire a new cohort of policy leaders committed to promoting innovation and change in the public sphere.

Highlights of the program:

A new way of considering an internship in renowned public institutions in Toulouse,France

8-week internship in France (June and July 2018)

French is not required but you will be able to practice the language if you speak it.

Any field of study may be accepted

You will participate in a 48 hour-policy Hackathon and you might have the chance to present your solutions at the European open science forum.

You know exactly what you will be doing in the organization

You will pick the institution depending on the topic you would like to work on

You will have a real impact on French policies by initiating and designing a project

You will learn about local governance in France

You will work in multicultural teams to solve complex problems in short periods of time

The program allows a limited number of students to immerse themselves in French policy making.


1 st week - Free Seminars by Sciences Po Professors to better understand the socio economic and political environment in France:

  • Intercultural management by Adrien Pénéranda
  • European economic policy and economic integration by Stefano Ugolini
  • Innovation and cluster policy in France and Europe by Jérôme Vicente
  • A political science analysis of Emmanuel Macron’s election by Olivier Baisnée
  • An overview of the French political regime and the French administration by Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans

2nd week:

You will become more familiar with the institution / organization you will have picked amongst which the regional energy agency, the Public Hospital of Toulouse, a local radio, Science Po, the Regional Council, and two other state authorities.

End of the second week: Hackathon. Depending on the institution you will have picked, you will work on one of the following topics for 48 hours with French students who speak English. You will then present the solutions you will have come up.

For example, with:

  • The regional energy agency: How to use behavioral insight to drive change in people’s energy consumption habit?
  • The Public Hospital of Toulouse: How to use big data to improve medical research while respecting patients’ privacy?
  • The local media group: How to deal with fake news while respecting freedom of speech?
  • Sciences Po Toulouse: How to promote social mobility through education?
  • the Regional Council: How to adapt to new forms of youth civic engagement?
  • The State local authority: How to increase employment of young people from socioeconomic minorities?
  • The State local authority: How to improve socio-economic inclusion of young refugees?

6 remaining weeks:

You will implement the solutions you will have come up with for the organization.


All accepted MIT candidates will be funded through the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives. Harvard encourages accepted candidates to apply for funding through their Harvard schools. Campus France will help you secure accommodations in Toulouse.

How to apply

Send a resume and a cover letter before March 15th 2018 to michael.vallee@diplomatie.gouv.fr(Higher education Officer, Consulate General of France in Boston). Pre-selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. The cover letter should include your level of French on a scale from 1 to 5 (being stronger), which topics you are the most excited about (for institutional pairing) and how the program relates to your background and career goals.


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