Last Shot John Feinstein MYSTERY AT THE FINAL FOUR

Date of Publication-June 27, 2006

About the author: John Feinstein was born on July 28,1956 in New York City. He is married to Chris Feinstein. He attended Duke University. One of his awards is the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult.

Summary: For eighth graders Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson, March Madness has never been so mad. Both kids are winners of a fourteen-and-under writing contest sponsored by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association (USBWA). The grand prizes have won them trips to the Final Four in New Orleans. Not only will they get to watch the most thrilling college basketball games of the year, but they'll also be considered working journalists for the event.

Stevie and Susan Carol learn to put their differences aside, however, when they accidentally overhear Minnesota State's star player being blackmailed to throw the championship game.

Stevie and Susan Carol have no choice but to put together their investigative journalism skills and uncover what really is going on behind the blackmail scheme. Can they save the star basketball player? Will the championship game be fixed? The stakes are high and it will be a dangerous ride along the way. Their trip to the Final Four will be a most memorable one indeed!

The 2 main characters are in conflict with the people that are trying to blackmail the player into throwing the game and they are trying to get the player to not ruin the game.

The authors writing style is very unique in how he uses real life people to mix in the book with fictional players. I like this writing style because it is very unique and keeps the reader engaged.

LAST SHOT is successful at combining the elements of a nonfiction sports book with a mystery novel. Readers will imagine what it's really like to be a sports reporter

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