How to Detect a Skimmer and other checkout scams

There are many ways that thieves can steal personal information from you before, during, and after a transaction. Protect yourself by knowing the methods thieves use.

If you are wondering what a skimmer is, or if you are unsure where you would encounter a skimmer, then click on the link above for further information on skimmers.

This video contains general tips to protect yourself if you choose to use a debt card. You will be much safer if you combine this advice with the rest of the tips found on this website.

Skimmers are the hardest type of fraud to detect. Restaurant staff can scan your card as they total your bill, ATM machines can be outfitted with thieves' skimmers, etc.

Always use a credit card at a restaurant and gas station. Credit cards are more protected than debit cards.

Detect skimmers on ATMs, gas pumps, and store scanners by wiggling and pulling at the slot you would swipe your card at. If it comes lose, then report it to the authorities immediately.

Skimmers can be difficult to detect, but this video will teach you the best ways to protect yourself from scams.

The link above provides step by step instructions on how to detect a skimmer.

Credit card skimmers are taking the place of phone call and post scams. Credit card users need to protect themselves as criminals evolve their scams. Labor Day is a big time for skimmers due to increased travel and use of gas stations.

State officials in Arizona warned its consumers to be on the lookout over the Labor Day weekend after a spike in the devices. Inspectors found 24 in August 2016 alone.

County auditors in Ohio announced they will conduct a skimmer sweep over the Labor Day weekend after 30 devices were found installed in a dozen counties.


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